What IS a Wedding Planner?

As a Wedding and Event Planner, I know what goes into a wedding. All the time, effort, love, money, blood sweat and tears, but on the day all you see is the love and fun that everyone is having. Couples don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, leading up to the day and on […]

Unique Seating Chart Options

A seating chart is one of the last-minute tasks of almost every wedding. Most couples are surprised to note how time-consuming and challenging it is to set up a unique seating chart. Some couples wonder if they need a seating chart at all. Expert wedding planners suggest if you have over 75 guests, you can […]

What do you Need out of your Photographer?

Every person who books a photographer has different preferences, so today my first thing I’m going to tell you is, there are so many options. My first recommendation is set your budget for your photographer and look around, every photographer is different, has different packages, pricing, styles etc. so below I’m going to recommend some […]

Corporate Gifts for Your Events

Corporate gifts are not just souvenirs for your guests. Theses accessories also serve as effective marketing tools to send your brand message across. Every time your customer, employee, or any stakeholder uses such items, you get to advertise your brand. That is one of the reasons why you must choose the best and most popular […]

Why I Needed a Wedding Planner….

As a wedding planner who recently got married, I have a few tips I wanted to share with you on just the basics of planning! I’m Elizabeth also known as Liz, I work with Imagine Events as a wedding planner for the Yorkton area.  I’ve learned from personal experience, as I’ve been crazy enough to […]

Things Every Bride and Groom must do before the big day!

In an ideal situation, the bride and groom share the workload and plan everything together. However, both the bride and the groom must do a few things alone. Let us check out what every groom must do before the wedding. For the Grooms Pick the Perfect Suit To celebrate your big day in style, it […]

Food and Drink Ideas for your Wedding

Your wedding menu options don’t have to be limited to finger food and traditional cocktails. While your guests won’t complain if you serve conventional wedding appetizers and main course dishes, everyone likes to indulge in different foods to enjoy the festivities in full swing. Remember to decide your wedding according to the season, theme, and […]

Alternatives to Floral Centerpieces

If you don’t want to go for a traditional floral wedding centerpiece, there are multitudes of options available, according to your taste. You can opt for decorated branches, candles, ice, or even a small plant. The idea is to go creative with your centerpieces and make your wedding more unique. Some couples also like to […]

Party Theme: One Colour!

Looking for a cute, fun, and easy way to take your party or event up a notch? We love a one-colour idea for any kind of event — whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, family reunion, and more. Simply choose a colour for the theme, and deck out every aspect of your event in […]

Event Planning Aussie Style

While living in Australia, I have been lucky to attend many kinds of events and functions. The idea of a “Function” (such as a work event, Christmas party, event for your friends and family, etc) is huge in Australia, with most pubs and venues always advertising their “function rooms” available for rent — or for […]