The Most Incredible Bridal Show

OCT 23 2022 at the CONEXUS ARTS CENTRE, REGINA SK. Let the planning begin… For over 25 years, we’ve been showing brides the latest in wedding fashions and trends by bringing together close to 100 wedding experts in one convenient location…Welcome to The 28th Annual Most Incredible Bridal Show (Regina’s Biggest Wedding Show). Meet nearly 100 of […]

Zero-waste Ideas? Check Out These 7 Ideas For Your Wedding

If you are planning a zero-waste-themed wedding, I am sure as the thinning ozone layer that you need to read this. Not everybody knows about the degrading state of our ecosystem, and it is such a tragedy that many people are so uninterested in how to make the planet a better place. But if you […]

How To Create The Perfect Event Hashtag

With social media channels raging now, sharing and preserving memories has never been easier with hashtags. Today, the pictures and videos taken by your guests and photographers on your wedding day can be stored electronically. But then, these hashtags must be custom-made. Your wedding tag must be personalized and reflect the synergy between you and […]

Wedding Toasts: Keeping Guests Entertained by Being Funny

If you are reading this it’s probably because someone dear to you is getting married soon. And you have been tasked with the responsibility of handling a wedding toast. The few words of blessings and wishes for the newly couple can be terrifying if it’s something you have not handled before. A wedding toast is […]

Stunning Wedding Cake Ideas for Brides on a Budget

Wedding guests always look forward to activities like wedding processional, exchange of wedding vows, kissing of the bride, cutting of the cake, speeches, to mention a few. All these activities make weddings unique, fun and eventful. But our focus here will be on wedding cakes. The tradition of cutting wedding cakes are one of the […]

Creative Wedding Backdrops 

Wedding backdrops are past the days of boring arches, decorated pillars, and linen backdrops. This is the 21st century, you can get inspiration from anywhere and anything when it comes to deciding what backdrop to use for your wedding. Meant to be the frame or background for where you say the “I dos”, your wedding […]

Anniversary Party Ideas 

Couples tend to get lost due to the day-to-day activities but an anniversary party can make you reconnect with your spouse. It is a reminder of how the love all started. It is also the celebration of years of challenges, growth, and love you have experienced together since the day you have met. That true love is meant to be […]

7 Wedding Memory Ideas To Remember Your Special Day

Your wedding day is a special occasion that you want to remember forever.  Dad walking the bride down the aisle. The first dance as husband and wife or (husband and husband or wife and wife). Grandma crying with joy at the words “I do.” Wedding memories happen for more than one day. There’s a story […]

Brunch Weddings

Weddings do not always have to be on Saturday afternoons followed by receptions in the evenings. You can switch up the play and try one of the growing trends of this year; a brunch wedding. I mean, What’s not to love about fresh flowers, sunny, temperate days, and gatherings with loved ones?  A brunch wedding is about combining your […]

How to Keep Your Corporate Event Low Waste and Environmentally Friendly

The world is changed by example, not by your opinion – Paulo Coelho Keeping our world safe from global warming and the deadly effects of greenhouse gases is our collective responsibility. Apart from keeping the environment safe, going green is considered healthy and most times economic-friendly. Most of everything eco-friendly can be reused, recycled, and […]