The Importance of Hiring A Wedding Planner

Hiring a Wedding Planner is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in the lead-up to your wedding! Sometimes the stress of planning a wedding can become too much. Have you ever seen the show Bridezilla? There are many things to consider when planning a wedding such as a wedding venue, the guest […]

Most Common “Forgotten” Wedding Details

Planning a wedding is HARD! Not only is it hard, it can be stressful, overwhelming and time consuming. Everyone is bound to forget something here and there. So here we have the Top 5 “Most Forgotten” things when it comes to your special day. 1. Be Present The day you’ve been waiting for. The day […]

How To Be the Perfect Bridesmaid

The most important thing by far to remember when being a bridesmaid is to support the bride. This is their special day, and your job is to make sure everything you have control over goes to plan and the bride stays happy. Things may go wrong; the commissioner may not show up, the food may […]

Perks of Hiring an Event Planner for your Child’s Birthday Party

Planning your child’s birthday party is no walk in the park. There are many different aspects that go into planning a child’s birthday party from scheduling entertainment, booking a caterer, finding decorations to match the theme, and for larger parties booking a venue- it can be stressful to plan a child’s birthday party on your […]

Important Things You Need to Know before You Hire a Caterer

We are super excited to feature one of our favorite caterer’s in Saskatoon, to get their thoughts on all the things you need to know BEFORE you hire caterer. Let us introduce Pick Nic’s Catering and Fine Foods owned and operated by Nicola Lawson! Hiring a caterer can be a tricky task. Many of the […]

How to Plan the Perfect Children’s Party

Children birthday parties are like road trips: getting there is half the fun! Deciding on the theme, decorations, and activities makes the days leading up to the event seem like part of the celebration itself. It does not need to be elaborate as kids will be happy with a small party as long as they […]

Creative Ideas for Your New Year’s Wedding

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved” -George Sands The union of two wonderful souls that love and cherish each other is indeed a spectacular event. It signifies a new beginning for both you and your partner. If that new beginning is happening on new year’s then here are […]

Holiday Party Ideas that Employees Love

Planning a holiday party for your employees can be unnerving. Especially when you still have to deal with the day-to-day running of work-related stuff. But that’s no excuse for planning a cliché party. Planning a holiday party for your employee is an ideal way to strengthen your company’s morale and culture. It’s no secret that […]

How to Find a Perfect Keynote Speaker 

Whether it’s a seminar, conference, or any other kind of event, there is a lot of work that goes into planning. You have to worry about the venue choice, logistics, entertainment, and security. But one thing most people pay little or no mind to is the selection of a keynote speaker.  Hiring an ill-fitted speaker can underplay […]

Conference Swag Bags Ideas that your Participants will Love 

Conference Swag Bags stir up delight in the heart of your guests. Understanding the purpose of the swag bag is the key. This gift bag will build a good and long impression that would still stay even after the event is over. These put-together ideas below will help you when choosing.   Eco-Friendly Bag  Eco-friendly bags […]