Planning a Wedding Ceremony – Important Things to Consider

We are super excited to be hearing one of the many amazing Saskatoon vendors that we get to work with, wedding commissioner Verone Charington. Verone has put together some amazing advice on things you really need to consider while planning your wedding ceremony! “Love was just a word until the day I met you.”  It is […]

Corporate Christmas Parties That Won’t Be Forgotten

Christmas is part of the year where people come together to celebrate and make plans for the New Year. Incorporating Christmas and holiday celebrations into the work culture helps your workers unwind and bond into a better and efficient team. Let us help you organize an interesting and memorable Christmas party at your workplace. The […]

Micro Weddings all the Rage in 2021

With 2021 still being a transitional year managing COVID and mass gatherings, pop-up weddings and micro weddings were a huge hit with our team at Imagine Events. This year Imagine held over 3 pop-up dates that were fully booked with happy brides and grooms! Our pop-up weddings are the perfect option for brides and grooms […]

A Flawless Wedding Schedule

Having a well organized day for your wedding might seem like a no-brainer, but many people leave out a lot of important components when trying to plan out there day. At some point in advance of your wedding, you will create some sort of timeline so you know when and where people are supposed to […]

Wedding Regrets – My Mom Worked my Wedding

When I go back to the memories of my wedding, the first thoughts that come to me is that I wish I had more time to spend with my mother. I wish she was enjoying the planning with me, instead of her doing so much for the wedding. She was being so helpful keeping things […]

Finding the Perfect Wedding Officiant

Choosing a marriage commissioner has a lot of factors that people don’t think of and usually gets left until the last minute. It depends on your style and budget, but there are other factors to consider. Here is a list of important details to consider when choosing a marriage commissioner for your wedding! 1. The […]

Elevate your Event with a Theme

The theme of your event plays a major role in the success. It determines the feeling of anticipation that participants at the event would have before coming. Even after the event, it will be judged based on the enjoyment level of the attendees. Therefore, you need to pay adequate attention to the theme. Depending on […]

How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

Pets are important members of our families, and there is no reason why they should not share the joy of our special day with us. If you are a fur parent and have a wedding up ahead, you should think of a way to incorporate your pets into the wedding (if you’ve not been thinking […]

Get Outta Here! Ideas for Outdoor Team Building Events

Every organization understands the importance of teamwork and team-bonding. The success of a business organization depends a lot on the strength of the team and relations between different team members. This is why many organizations attach a lot of importance to team building. If you are looking to improve the bonding between your workers, outdoor […]

Non-Boring Entertainment Ideas for your Conference

Sometimes, the difference between an exciting conference and a ‘snoozefest’ is the breaks and entertainment schedule. After talking and discussing business, you need a break that is both entertaining and exciting. Here are some non-boring entertainment ideas for your conference breaks. Dance Entertainment Music has always been an interesting part of life, and you can […]