Where did this group of weirdos who love all things wedding, events, and to-do lists come from? How did Imagine get started and how has it transformed over the past few years? Get the down-low on all things Imagine here!

  • 2009

    November – Imagine Wedding and Event Planning is founded.

    Angela started a wedding planning business on a hope and a whim, not because she was in love with all things weddings, but because she was so anal-retentive about to-do lists and job-tasking that she couldn’t help herself. Turns out she ended up loving planning weddings and events, and made a career out of it.

  • 2012

    September – Imagine Wedding and Event Planning expands and becomes a duo.

    Angela needed help and partnered with a young wedding planner guru from Weyburn with stars in her eyes.

  • 2013

    May – Imagine Wedding and Event Planning expands again becoming a Trio

    Business doings weddings begins to grow, and the duo formed a trio. This allowed the team to start being able to do larger weddings, provide décor services and more.

  • 2015

    January – Imagine Wedding and Event Planning Re-brands into Imagine Events, expanding doing corporate events.

    As the wedding market continued to grow, so did the need to expand services. The team decided to start doing corporate events in addition to weddings to grow the business. Imagine then was re-branded to Imagine Events for a more universal look.

  • 2016

    April – Imagine Events acquires full team for Regina, Moose Jaw and area

    Due to the new re-branding, Imagine Events took off with the need to have a few extra assistants in order to do multiple events and wedding each weekend during the busy season. And so the first team for the Regina/Moose Jaw area was formed.

  • 2021

    April – Imagine Events launches Saskatoon and area office

    Imagine Events expanded and created an office in the Saskatoon area to be able to do weddings and corporate events with a local staff member in the North area of the province.