How much Alcohol should you buy for your Wedding?

If your event or wedding is coming up, you might be wondering how much alcohol you need for your bar. How much much will your guests drink? How much beer do you need to buy?. On average we estimate most people have four drinks throughout the evening with the exception of children. This typically breaks […]

Unique Intimate Wedding Venues to Wow Your Guests!

You’re looking for a venue that’s new, hip and trendsetting! A place that’s cool, different and will have your guests saying, “How awesome is this?” Your wedding venue should be as unique as you! With the pandemic taking place this past year, new trends have begun for smaller, more intimate weddings. We’ve seen an influx […]

Advice from a Recent Bride…

Stress and weddings just seem to be terms that go together. When I first got engaged so many people would make comments like, “Good luck with planning!”, “If you ever need to get away from the stress of planning just hit me up!”, or “Don’t stress the little things”. By just hearing from past brides […]

A Bright Blue Christmas

Christmas — the word gives us Canadians visions of snowflakes, cozy pajamas and socks, bundling up by the crackling fire, hot chocolate, comfy sweaters, frost on the trees, and everything warm and cozy; but what about the other side of the world, where Christmas comes around mid-summertime? If you’re like me, you’ll find this to […]

Benefits to Planning a Winter Wedding

All of us want to have the perfect fairytale wedding. But in most cases, the desire for perfection leads to unwanted stress. The only thing you can do is choose the best venue, theme, and season to make your wedding event a success. For several reasons, today’s most popular wedding event planners vouch for a […]

Corporate Team Building Idea's

Several businesses focus on team building activities throughout the year. When the holiday season is approaching, companies can hold successful corporate team building events to add more to the festive season. These events are not only low-cost but also produce exceptional productivity results. De-stressing your employees nurtures their individual growth and sharpens their overall performance. […]

Pop-Up Weddings are the new rage!

With Covid-19 taking the wedding and event industry by the storm in 2020, a new rage has developed with pop-up weddings! Also known as backyard weddings or micro weddings, brides and grooms from all over Saskatchewan are hosting their small, intimate weddings in new ways to follow COVID restrictions. Imagine Events was super excited to […]

Unique Corporate Catering Options for your Next Event

If you are looking for a corporate caterer for your next business luncheon, you must choose a catering service or event planners that offer exciting and exquisite food options. It all comes down to finding the best event planners or catering service that utilizes only skilled and expert chefs who know how to make every […]

What IS a Wedding Planner?

As a Wedding and Event Planner, I know what goes into a wedding. All the time, effort, love, money, blood sweat and tears, but on the day all you see is the love and fun that everyone is having. Couples don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, leading up to the day and on […]