Floral and Alternative Bouquets

Silk Floral Design

Silk flowers can look just as real and natural as other flowers when arranged correctly. They will not wilt throughout the day, and will continue to look fresh. You don’t have to worry about your flowers falling apart, or coming loose because they aren’t heavy. Some real flowers cannot be used in arrangements or bouquets because they do not stand up well, or there blooming period is very short. With silk flowers there is no need to worry, you can use whatever type of flower you want, and it will look fabulous.

With Imagine, we can have your flowers picked out and arranged months in advance. No hassles, no worries. First we discuss what exactly you want, and what style of bouquet you would like. Then we go together and choose the silk flowers that you want in your arrangement. You are responsible for the cost of the materials and flowers that are needed for your arrangements, and then Imagine charges by hour for time used to make the arrangements. It’s very cost effective, and easy on the budget.

Bride Bouquet – $40.00 +36620543_10156364709988363_832147426813935616_n
Bridesmaid Bouquet – $25.00+
Basic Boutonniere/Corsages – $10.00 +
Toss Bouquet – $10.00 +

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Alternative Designs

Are you looking for something fabulously unique, completely themed just for your wedding? Why not consider an alternative bouquet? Alternative bouquets are a great option instead of flowers and can be completely personalized!

Bride Bouquet – $80.00 +

Alternative Bouquet - Seashell (2)
Alternative Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquet – $50.00 +

Basic Boutonniere/Corsages – $10.00 +

Alternative Boutonniere – prices vary.

Note: Alternative bouquets available in round style only. Hand corsages not available.

Custom theme boutonnieres are available.

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