If you are planning to have your wedding in line with New Year’s, either on the momentous 31st evening of New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s day, we have the inspiration to make it the celebration of the year! You would be celebrating not only the incoming year but the union of two people. It should be a celebration, we don’t want things to be dull! There are so many ideas that can help you throw the wedding and celebration of the year! We have some ideas but also helpful tips to make it a success

Make it a Celebration

Make it lively, because your wedding is in time for New Year’s, make the most of it and make it a celebration! You could try a gold and silver theme. The best thing to do would be to have a wedding dancefloor accompanied by a DJ or a live band! What better way to ring in the new year than with a cheeky dance to all your favourite party tunes? This will also give the DJ or band the opportunity to pull out some classic New Year’s playlists.

Host a Countdown to Midnight
If you choose to host your wedding reception on the glamorous New Year’s Eve date of the 31st, you could bring in the new year with your wedding guests by hosting an exciting countdown. We’re sure you and your guests will remember the spectacular countdown together as you will be able to shout together the momentous 3,2,1… Happy New Year!


What other way would you celebrate a wedding held on New Years than with the excitement and tradition of fireworks? Whether hiring a venue close to fireworks or organizing your own, this is a brilliant way to bring in the new year with your wedding guests. Obviously, hiring your own fireworks would come with more planning and council approval. Fireworks are symbolic of the New Year and would be an exciting addition to your wedding!

If fireworks are too much but you still want the feel of bright lights you can always use sparklers. You can get each of your guests to hold one and light up the sky! They are also a cheaper alternative to fireworks. You could even have your wedding guests create a sparklers archway for you and your partner to walk under, this would make for a great photo opportunity.


Nothing screams a New Year’s celebration like Champagne! Invest in some good quality Champagne, and make it a moment to propose a cheer! Champagne is great to not only celebrate the wedding but to open up the wedding dance floor (if there is one) and to ring in the new year!

Enjoy your New Year’s Wedding by ringing in the New Year with your loved ones. If you have the joy of holding your wedding on New Year’s there are many ways to make it a bang!