Cannabis weddings are the latest craze and we can see why! Cannabis weddings are weddings that incorporate Cannabis into a wedding whether by having it be a part of the theme or creating stations where guests can consume cannabis in its different forms. There are couples who have loved Cannabis so much that they have had cannabis-themed weddings and decorations. You can have cannabis bouquets even! How you incorporate Cannabis and to what extent into your wedding is up to you!

There are also many ways to involve the consumption of Cannabis in your weddings such as cannabis-infused drinks, a spliff station or cannabis brownies. If you are someone who enjoys smoking weed then what better way than to enjoy your special other and family and friends on your big day? You will find that there are many professional vendors available to help you plan the perfect weed-friendly wedding you are after.

Photo by Justin Aikin on Unsplash

Practicalities to consider will firstly be to inform your guests that it will be a weed-friendly wedding. This will give people a heads up and also allow them to prepare for the night if they are not a 420 enthusiast like yourself. You might also want to consider alternatives for people who don’t smoke weed but in saying that, guests who might not enjoy weed will always be able to celebrate your special day by enjoying weed-inspired decorations and themes. One does not purely have to smoke weed to enjoy it!

You will also need to consider how to procure the cannabis needed for the wedding. There are many services that can help you incorporate cannabis into the medium you would like to present it in such as cannabis caterers. You will have to find help to make sure that everything is micro-dosed and the amount of cannabis is measured. You also want to take safety precautions to make sure people understand that cannabis and drinking alcohol are not a good mix.

A reliable way to get the help you need for serving cannabis at your wedding would be to hire a “budtender”. Similar to a bartender they would be responsible (and trained) to serve weed to you and your guests. You want to find a reliable service and provider for this as they are responsible for serving cannabis to everyone. Safety and precaution aside, having a budtender also means that you will have a designated space where everyone can go to consume weed. A budtender also can be a fun and lively thing where they can interact with your guests and even help new weed smokers get into the mood.

Hosting a weed-friendly wedding is the latest craze and if you are someone who loves smoking weed you should take every opportunity you can get to incorporate it into your special day. Your wedding day is all about you and how you would like to celebrate it. Make the most of it by getting acquainted with professionals who will be able to serve up the best cannabis wedding.