Attending a wedding show is more than just showing up on the day! Brides or Grooms who have gone before you have learned that there are ways to prepare and make the most of a wedding show. Here are some helpful tips for attending a wedding show that will hopefully allow you to make the most out of the wedding shows you attend.

Create an email address for your wedding planning

Many brides and grooms who have gone ahead of you have highlighted how helpful having a separate email for all your wedding planning can be. This means that all your planning and interaction with vendors is on one account. It will also prove helpful when you are asked for your contact info by vendors at the wedding show. You can provide them with your wedding email.

Go early

This one is straightforward! Go early to be one of the first ones to talk to all the vendors and get them while they’re fresh in the morning and before the end of the day hurry.

On-the-day deals

There are really good deals and discounts that vendors provide that can solely be claimed on the day of the wedding show. If you find a vendor that you like that is offering a significant discount it is worth booking them then. The best preparation for this is to research vendors and for your wedding needs ahead of time and to ask lots of questions to determine if the vendor and deal is the right one for you

Take a friend

Preparation is best executed with multiple minds. With all the research to do beforehand and vendors to talk to on the day, it would help to take a friend with you to the wedding show. Bounce ideas and also someone to talk through the decisions with so you don’t do anything impulsive. It also means you will have someone to share the experience with.

Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

Take your time

Don’t just grab cards and look at things but really get to know the vendors and ask them questions to find out what they are about and what they offer and ultimately if what they offer is going to be suitable for your wedding. Preparation can look like having a list of questions you want to ask each vendor. Take the time to have good-quality conversations and find out who they are and what they are about.

Enter competitions and giveaways

What’s the harm in entering a giveaway, you have nothing to lose. And even if you don’t win, you have lost nothing. Many of the giveaways award prize winners with incredible deals, so it is worth entering them on the day. You might be able to score some discounts or promotions by entering wedding show giveaways.

Attending a wedding show can be the most fun you can have in the lead-up to your wedding. Make the day of it with some friends, get to know what’s on offer, and who knows? You might unexpectedly win something or walk away with some crazy discounts for some quality wedding vendors.