All of us want to have the perfect fairytale wedding. But in most cases, the desire for perfection leads to unwanted stress. The only thing you can do is choose the best venue, theme, and season to make your wedding event a success.

For several reasons, today’s most popular wedding event planners vouch for a winter wedding. As the nights draw in earlier, unique lighting options can set the perfect backdrop for memorable pictures and an unforgettable wedding. You can benefit from more availability from your favorite vendors and venues as well as avail discounted packages. But the best news for the bride is, your hair and makeup will stay pristine since there will be no humidity to ruin your look.

Photo by Alex Brisbey on Unsplash

Let’s check out the top benefits of planning a wedding in winter.

A variety of Color Palettes and Unique Décor

When planning a winter wedding, you have a plethora of options. Typical wedding colors include gold, silver, and ice blue. But you can also go for dark colors like burgundy, plum purple, and even black. Couples can embrace wintery elements including snowflakes, pine cones, and candles to make beautiful additions to their winter event. You can also use wreaths, garlands, and sparkling lights to add more drama to your décor.

Cheaper Services

That doesn’t just include the cost of the venue. A wide range of wedding services offers a competitive price in winter to increase their bookings. One of the best things about a winter wedding is that you can save substantial amount of money on your wedding and spend more on an exotic honeymoon destination. Hotel books and rooms are half the price of what you would have to pay during the peak summer season.

More Vendors

Couples need to book popular wedding venues for up to two years in advance, during the busy summer months. However, choosing a date in the chilly season is a lot more convenient. You have the freedom to choose a particular date or event for holding your nuptials as there are more vendors and venues available. It is also a good time of the year to go for a destination wedding.

Lighting variation

Winter lets you experiment with unique lighting that wouldn’t be applicable in summer. Get creative with your wedding venue décor by trying out different variations and adding characters for a whimsical experience. You can easily transform your wedding venue by adding candles and fairy lights to the venue. Most couples use candle lanterns and lights to illuminate the aisle and ceremony spot. Another great way is cove an old tree with lights so guests and the couple can use it as a backdrop for taking pictures.

Warm and Cozy Celebrations

Winter is a romantic and beautiful time of the year. Everyone wants to celebrate love and cherish relationships. Frost dusted over branches that offer endless opportunities for dramatic winter wedding photography. Moreover, the chilly season brings beautiful floral choices such as Ranunculus, Roses, and Amaryllis. Imagine exchanging vows in a comfortably heated lounge of a tented reception or a country house. However, you can also set up an outdoor fire pit where your guests can enjoy their post-reception coffee or a final round of drinks, while the reception is winding down.

If you must have your wedding outdoors, make sure you rent a decent number of outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm and toasty.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Planning your wedding event close to Christmas means you double the festivity and maximize the holiday season. Your guests will love the winter comfort food such as tomato soup, grilled cheese treats, and chocolate lava cakes. Winter makes every wedding event luxurious and memorable.