Fundraising is such an integral part of Non-Profits. Luckily, there are very common and reliable ways to host fundraising events. There are traditional ways to host a fundraising event like auctions or a hosting a party. However, thinking of creative and unique fundraising ideas can be a challenge. We have some unique fundraising ideas for your next Non-Profit event. We are also aware that the event is not just for people to have a good time but to possibly attract donors and raise the necessary resources needed. So we have factored that into our ideas, and believe we have some unique fundraising ideas for your next Non-Profit that is not only fun but will give you the space and boost you need to get the ball rolling.

Film Festival

You can host an amateur film festival that will allow different people to enter. You can have a small cost for entry and also a small cost to cast votes for a winning film. This is a great way to encourage people’s creativity and a great fundraising idea if your Non-Profit is within the creative industry. Everyone has a film camera on their phone and it will make it easier for people to engage in the fundraising competition.

Neighbourhood Street Party

This is a relatively inexpensive way to host a gathering for your next Non-Profit fundraiser. A neighbourhood street party can be organised with different market stalls, different food stations and mini-events. Funds can be raised through unique and fun stalls for different types of foods or beverages. A street party is also a great way to include people of all different ages and young families.

A Fun Run

A fun run is a great way to get people off the couch and running for a cause! A fun run allows participants to accept pledges from their own families, friends and acquaintances as they run for the pledged amounts. This is a great way to allow others to fundraise on your behalf. Organizing the event itself will require you to pick a day, time and location and also work alongside the council to be able to access and quarter off different streets. The fun run is however worth it because organizing a fun run is relatively inexpensive and allows people of all ages to participate.

Talent Show

A talent show is a great way to get people singing, dancing, juggling, performing, you name it! Hosting a ticketed fundraising talent show will allow people of all ages to not only watch an amazing show but also participate if they have a talent and it can be argued that everyone has a talent! You can organize the event within a time frame and also make it a competition with an audience vote!

Aside from the normal ways to fundraise for a Non-Profit, there are numerous alternatives that are unique and will allow your Non-Proft to raise the funds needed. Venturing away from the normal ways to fundraise might create a new and lucrative opportunity for your Non-Profit.