Anniversaries are celebrated to mark the importance of all types of occasions like relationships. A work anniversary is also something worth celebrating. A business anniversary is a great way to honor people within the business but also to celebrate the landmarks achieved for your business in the past year. You might be wondering if and how to celebrate a business anniversary.

We have some unique business anniversary party ideas that will help you throw a celebration that will be memorable for your business and its workers.

Personalised Awards for Employees

You can take the time out of a business anniversary party to hand out some awards to honor hard work but also have some fun. You can have awards to highlight individual performances. But you can also spice things up and have cheeky awards like “the most talkative person”, or “most likely to” awards. Having fun awards will allow you to present many more people with awards and allow people to have a good and needed laugh.

Corporate Gifts

You can commemorate the business anniversary party by having gifts for attendees. This is a great idea to give people something to leave the party with. Great ideas for gifts include business merch, cocktail kits or passes to events or experiences within the local area. Nothing says thank you like a good gift!

Photo by coco tafoya on Unsplash

Take a cheeky group photo

Many business team photos are serious and professional. They are normally taken for business websites. Why not take a group photo on the day and night of the business anniversary party doing fun and unconventional poses? Get some humour involved. You can pull funny faces or try and build a human pyramid. Whatever you choose to do you will have a great photo that you can hang up in the office or on any photo wall.

Have a live performance

A great way to create some ambience and liven up a business anniversary party is to organise a live performance by a local band or DJ. This will get people in the mood and hopefully open up a space for some dancing! This is a great way to create an atmosphere for the business that will be playful and alive. If they are daring enough and willing, you could even get someone from the business to perform!

Launch a new product or idea

Depending on what your business is and what it specialises in, you can use the business anniversary party as the space and time to launch an exciting new product or idea. This will get people invested in the product or idea and really generate some company pride. You can make it a formal or fun time and have someone MC the moment.

Business anniversaries are worth celebrating. Take the time to make the next one you host an event worth going to by incorporating some unique business anniversary ideas. Anniversaries are always a time of reflection, gratitude and most importantly, fun!