Turn any corporate event into a good time or a time your guests will remember. Whether you are hosting an in-house work party, a conference or a brand launch, there are many ways to improve the overall guest experience. Here are some ideas on how to make a guest experience engaging and fun.

Overall ambience and feel

The ambience and mood of any event is important. You don’t want guests to walk into an empty or awkwardly silent space. Ambience can be improved by creating the right aesthetic for your venue, interior decor and choice of music. You might also want to consider the room’s lighting and size. You want your guests to feel at ease in an event space.

Have a Grand Greeting at the entrance

Whether a work party or a conference, you can kick start any corporate event with a bang! What better way to capture a guest’s experience than from the very beginning? Fun ideas for a grand greeting include stilt walkers (if your space will allow it), a raffle or gifts at the door or even something as simple yet still impactful as a welcome team.

Virtual Entertainment and Reality

Virtual entertainment and reality seem to be the way of the future with many corporate events utilizing virtual avenues such as virtual escape rooms or other virtual reality games. Using a virtual experience allows your guests to broaden their horizons and try games or activities that they would not normally be able to participate in at a corporate event.

Room Transitions

If you are hosting an event with multiple rooms or stages of the event, you can utilize the venue space and rooms and host room transitions. As guests move from room to room you could have a change in lighting, or music or have a welcome team in each room. Moving from room to room will also make sure that guests don’t have to tediously sit or stand in one place for too long a period of time.


Whether at a work party or a conference you could host competitions to engage your guests. Simple ideas include a raffle, an impromptu competition on the stage or even a station with a silent auction. Nothing creates a more engaging guest experience than having your guests be a part of something where they have to use their brain, their competitive edge or even win something!


This one seems simple but the way to the heart of any guest is most likely food! If you are hosting a corporate event it is worth considering organizing catering or simple finger foods for your guests. You could also intentionally plan breaks to schedule times to eat. Not only will they be able to have a good time but their experience will also be complete with some good food.

When it comes to the guest experience at corporate events, you want to leave your guests feeling satisfied and engaged. Incorporate one or all of the ideas above to liven up your guests’ experience.