After your wedding day, you will have many ways to remember your special day. You might also want your guests to remember the day too. Your guests are special and giving them wedding favors is a beautiful way to express your gratitude but also an opportunity to be creative. Receiving a wedding favor can be a delightful moment for your guests and will give them something to remember your special day by too!

Instead of the traditional ideas normally used for wedding favors, we have some not-so-typical wedding favor ideas that will send your guests home with a memory, a laugh or something to remember the night by!

Cocktail Kits
Allow your guests to take the party home with them with this fun gift. Create customised cocktail kits that will allow guests to take home miniature ingredients to make a cocktail at home. You can also spice it up and send home your guests with mini bottles of any alcohol of your choosing. A simple and classy idea is to gift mini bottles of homemade limoncello.

Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are a sentimental and practical gift for wedding guests. These small and easy-to-maintain plants allow your guests to take something home with them that they can keep for a long time. Succulent plans can also be brought in bulk keeping the gift purchase and organisation of wedding favors easy and simple.

Personalised Candles

Candles are a great gift and there are many suppliers that can make them in bulk and also personalise the candle labels. You can have labels printed to read something personal or your favorite quote. Get creative and send your guests home with a lovely candle and your favorite words.

Personalised Cookies

A more fun wedding favor, you can send your guests home with cookies shaped like you and your partner! You can also request cookies in the shape of something sentimental aside from your own faces. There are services that will help you make cookies that will look exactly like you and your partner. Your guests will get a good laugh from being able to bite into your heads!

Coffee Bags

Send your guests home with a coffee blend for the morning after! You can get personalized or customised coffee blends made and packaged. This is a great gift for coffee lovers and also the best gift for a post-wedding wake-up!

Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash

Seed Packets

This is a thoughtful gift that will allow your wedding guests to take something home they can plant and help grow. Seed packets can be of any seed such as wildflowers. You can also customise the packaging to your liking. What a great gift that will allow your wedding guests to exercise their green thumb.

Not only will your wedding guests have the time of their life on your wedding day but they will now have something to remember their time with thanks to your choice of unique and not-so-typical wedding favor.