Weddings are not only about the bride and groom but for other loved ones. Nowadays, we will live in a world where many families are blended and hosting your wedding might mean including your step-parents! It is very normal to include step-parents in your big day and depending on how much you want them to be involved we have some ways you can make sure your step-parents feel very much a part of your wedding day!

Include your step-parents’ names on the invitations

Depending on how close you are to your step-parents and their level of involvement in the wedding you can include them from the very beginning by listing their names on the wedding invitations. Commonly, parents are also featured on wedding invites. It would be a lovely idea to include step-parents’ names on invites too, especially if your step-parents are close to you or financially helping with the wedding. The order of the names will be up to you!

Let your step-parents walk you down the aisle

Traditionally, a bride’s father has always walked her down the aisle. However, what is to stop you from having your stepfather walk you down the aisle? You could also have both your father and stepfather walk you down the aisle. Depending on how close each family member is to you and how much you want each person to be involved you can choose who will walk you down the aisle and the order of the procession. If you are wanting to have different members walk you down the aisle just plan in advance and make sure to communicate clearly to everyone involved. Just find the solution that is best for you. Having a stepparent walk you down the aisle is just as special.

Photo by Norbert Braun on Unsplash

Include them in family photos

A sentimental way to include stepparents in a wedding is to include them in family photos. Photographs at a wedding usually involve photos of the bridal party and then the combination of the bride and groom’s families. Have your stepparents feel included and seen by having them in important photos. You can have them be in the immediate family photos or even the photos of the wedding couple and their respective parents. The photo combinations in which they will appear will ultimately be up to you and you can plan ahead with your wedding photographer.

Have a special dance with your stepparents

You can carve out some time during the wedding reception to have a special and dedicated dance with your chosen stepparent. Many weddings have traditions such as the father-daughter dance and if you would like to involve a step-father instead or together with your father, that is more than possible and entirely up to you.

Regardless of how you choose to involve your stepparents in your wedding, you can guarantee that they will feel included and cherish the moments you create with them. Having them be a part of your wedding is a special thing and we want to help you find the most meaningful ways.