A bride’s wedding dress is not the only star of the show! Aside from choosing and wearing a beautiful wedding dress a bride should also consider her veil and other headpiece options. The right veil or headpiece can magnify your wedding dress and enhance your overall wedding look. There are many veil and headpiece options and your choice will depend on your own style and chosen wedding dress.

Whether you are opting for a traditional veil or a vibrant floral piece, here are 5 wedding veil and headpiece options.


The wedding veil is arguably the most traditional choice of garment for a bride’s head. Choosing a veil will also require you to choose its length, fabric and the overall aesthetic you would like to have. There are also varying aesthetics to choose from such as wearing a short birdcage veil, wearing a traditional cathedral veil or wearing an elegant blusher veil.


A wedding headband is a simple yet elegant look. A headband is a sophisticated option as many headbands create a cleaner and more smooth look. Choosing a headband will depend on the style and color of your wedding dress. Ideally, you want the colors to match. If you are a bold person you could even wear a headpiece that is decorated, larger than the normal size or unique shape!

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

Bridal comb or pins

The use of a bridal comb and pins is very common and the way you style them can make a big difference to your overall look. Although a simple addition to your wedding look, bridal comb and pins can be styled in a variety of different ways. You could do a lovely pincurl or you could tease the comb in. No matter the look you want to make the comb and pins are secure and that there is someone there to help you on the day!

Statement Headpiece

The biggest decision to make about a wedding headpiece is what statement piece you want to wear. There is so much choice! You could wear a bright floral piece in your hair or you could wear a crown of pearls. Depending on your personality and your dress, you could be adventurous and choose a daring statement headpiece for your wedding!

Wedding crowns and tiaras

A wedding crown or tiara is a timeless piece. There are many crown and tiara sizes and shapes. When choosing one you want to consider the overall style you are aiming for. For example, if you are already planning on wearing lots of jewellery you might want to opt for a smaller tiara so that it is more discreet. Tiaras can sometimes be mistaken as traditional or “old-fashioned” but there are many styles of tiaras and they never go out of date!

No matter who you are or what dress you will be wearing on your special wedding day there are many veils and other headpiece options to choose from! Take the time to find the exact veil or headpiece you want. The right piece will help complete your look!