Planning a wedding is HARD!

Not only is it hard, it can be stressful, overwhelming and time consuming.

Everyone is bound to forget something here and there. So here we have the Top 5 “Most Forgotten” things when it comes to your special day.

1. Be Present

The day you’ve been waiting for. The day you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t miss it!! so many couples got caught up in the stress and busyness of the day, they forgot to enjoy it. Try to soak in every moment and enjoy all the the hard work and planning the went into the day. It’s a celebration of love and unity after all.

2. A Thank You Speech

You’ve thought about the speeches. It’s in a timeline. But you forgot to write your speech!! We’ve seen it too many times. The last thing you want is to be panic writing a speech as your mother in law is welcoming you to the family! Do it early!

3. Music Selection

This takes time! You may have the perfect first dance song picked out, and you have for years. Don’t forget the ceremony entrances, the exits, grand entrance and maybe even a few “must play” songs for the dance. 

4. Marriage license 

If you would like to legally get married on your wedding day, if might be a good idea to remember to get a marriage license! Ps, they are valid for 90 days after purchasing! 

5. The Tear Down

At the end of the night, all you’re going to want to do is put your feet up and be alone with your new partner! Depending on your venue, you be may required to gather your decorations and items before leaving. Make sure to organize your clean up crew beforehand or else your mom will start panic cleaning at 8pm. Or ask us! And trust us, you’re not going to want to clean in the morning either.

You’ve got this! Happy planning! 

Need help? 

Our team of specialized Wedding Planners will make sure every aspect of your wedding is covered Start to finish. Nothing forgotten. We can’t wait to work with you! 

-Jyann Williams, Imagine Events