“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved” -George Sands

The union of two wonderful souls that love and cherish each other is indeed a spectacular event. It signifies a new beginning for both you and your partner. If that new beginning is happening on new year’s then here are some well thought out wedding ideas to glam up your wedding for the holidays!

Themed Invitations

Decorate your invitation cards with themed motifs that have a golden color palette and fireworks or confetti designs drawn around them. Just let it shine with a hint of the holiday spirit.

Glamorous Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids have to slay in sparkly outfits. They can wear sequined bridesmaids’ dresses that compliment the bride’s bridal gown but don’t take the attention from her.

Seating Cards that Scream Cheers

To add to the glamour of the wedding, the seating cards of the guests can be placed in empty champagne glasses. This is unique from the routine cards and the guests can toast to your new beginning with those champagne glasses.

Black Tie Formal Service for Every Table

Servers at your wedding can wear traditional black and white official outfits. They can wait on the guests at each table while also equipped with party poppers for after the toast.

Snack Up the Buffet

Tantalize the taste buds of your guests with an all-you-can-eat snack bar. You can display assorted savory and sweet snacks including cupcakes, steak sandwiches, salad skewers, and brownies for your guests to choose their taste. They have had enough turkey and ham from the previous weeks holidays.

Shine the Limelight on the Cake

A Cake is one of the highlights of a wedding. You may decorate your cake with golden details with a metallic shade to let it stand out. Fireworks decorations can also be put around the cake to add to the festive atmosphere.

Use an Elegant Tablecloth

Adorn your tables with metallic-colored tablecloths instead of the traditional plain white linens to dazzle your guests. Let them have a taste of fine dining.

Let the Confetti Rain

It is not a new year party without confetti and not a wedding without lots of confetti. You should set the confetti to fall on the couple as they commemorate their marriage with a kiss. Ensure that confetti is allowed at your venue!

Big Clock at the Altar

To symbolize the beginning of the year and a new life for the couple, a big clock can be used in the background of the altar where the couple says “I do”.

Photo Booth

To make your wedding even more memorable, install a photobooth with new year props like hats, silly glasses, horns, and many more. This way, people can take silly snapshots of how they are enjoying the new year at your wedding.

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

Fireworks The evening and end of the wedding can be marked with a display of fireworks. What other way is there to end a spectacular event if it is not with a bang?