If you are planning a zero-waste-themed wedding, I am sure as the thinning ozone layer that you need to read this.

Not everybody knows about the degrading state of our ecosystem, and it is such a tragedy that many people are so uninterested in how to make the planet a better place.

But if you have found your better half who is aware of the state of our environment. And takes conscious environmentally-friendly decisions, it is important to make your wedding day a special and significant day for both of you.

One way to portray your ideals on your wedding day is by hosting an eco-friendly themed wedding where the guest go home with zero waste favors and gift bags. Now knowing what to put in these gift bags can pose a problem and that’s why you are here right?

Read below 6 fantastic zero-waste gift ideas for your wedding party.

Potted Plants and Seeds

What’s the best way to start a conscious effort towards making the environment a better place, if it’s not cultivating trees and plants? Besides, it is beautiful to see something grow. So I can bet that your guests will love small germinating plants or just packaged seeds as gifts.

A Bottle or Jar of Organic Treats

Locally produced edibles are fantastic organic gifts for your guests. Honey, sweets, olive oil, or wines are perfect take-home gifts for your guests. Everybody eats, so they definitely will appreciate them. But keep in mind that some people might be allergic to some food so it will be better to make adequate research first.

Scented Candles

A sure-fire way to leave a long-lasting impression on your guests is through scents. After all who doesn’t like coming home to a relaxing fragrance of a lit candle. But the candle must not be made with paraffin wax but with soy or beeswax to maintain the eco-friendly ideal.

Organic and locally made scented soaps

In a world where chemicals are almost in all the soaps and creams we use, it will be beneficial to take a break and go organic. Your guests will appreciate a bar of well-packaged organic soap (not in plastic obviously) that also smells heavenly. In your paper packaging, you can include a short but warm thank you note.

Customized Glassware

Another great personalized gift you can give your guest is glassware that has designs of your fancy. The glassware may be Cups, a jar for honey, or a bottle for oil. You may also decide to write a short thank-you note as a personalized messages on the glassware. Or simply put your names and the date of your wedding.

Tote Bag

The idea of gifting people favors at a wedding is a trend that may never stop. And why would it? When it is very versatile and useful. Now a fashionable tote bag makes it all the more perfect. With this bag, your guests can reduce wastes from single-use plastic bags in their day-to-day lives by using and reusing them for groceries, errands, or transport their lunch.

The above gift ideas will definitely leave an impression in the hearts of your guests. And it might be a long shot but it is a step to opening their eyes to the state of their environment.