With social media channels raging now, sharing and preserving memories has never been easier with hashtags. Today, the pictures and videos taken by your guests and photographers on your wedding day can be stored electronically.

But then, these hashtags must be custom-made. Your wedding tag must be personalized and reflect the synergy between you and your partner.

Photo by Katie Harp on Unsplash

Brainstorm with Friends and Family

Choosing a wedding hashtag is as easy as it sounds. You just need to have a short brainstorming session with your partner. Or you may even have a sort of focus group with two or three friends or family members. With these people, you can read the ideas out loud and see how it sounds and in what way you can adjust them.

Try Mashing up Your Names

A hashtag can be as simple as taking the first or/and last three letters of your name and that of your partner’s own to create a cute or catchy hashtag. Although sometimes some names don’t go together on the first go, toggle them around and have fun with them till you get the result you are satisfied with.

Be Witty

Creating a Hashtag involves creativity. Using puns can make your hashtag funny and catchy. And that is what we want, something the guests can’t stop saying. You can use words that rhyme with your surname to create witty names like #theCharmingCharles.

Avoid Words that Can be Easily Misspelled

If you are a frequent social media person, you will know how there are millions of hashtags. And how just one letter can make so much difference. So to avoid your guests making mistakes, especially in spellings it is advisable your words are short and simple and do not have double letters that can be easily mixed up.

Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word

Some of the guests may have difficulties reading or remembering your hashtag if it doesn’t look familiar. Consider capitalizing the first letter of each word. That way, your guests will find it easier to know where each word starts hence making it easier to remember and understand.

Check If It Hasn’t Been Used Before

There are hashtags for almost anything now. And with the way people are getting married, if you are not careful, you may end up choosing a hashtag that already exists, consequently mixing up your pictures and videos with another couple. I advise you to undergo intensive research on Google and popular social media apps to check if your chosen hashtag hasn’t been used.

Use Popular Phrases

Trendy words or phrases make a memorable hashtag. Adding a word that is popular or in vogue can help your hashtag last longer on the lips and memory of your guests. It can also make it easier to find or run into.