If you are reading this it’s probably because someone dear to you is getting married soon. And you have been tasked with the responsibility of handling a wedding toast. The few words of blessings and wishes for the newly couple can be terrifying if it’s something you have not handled before.

A wedding toast is a statement of well wishes and blessing to the couples. Here are some ideas you can keep the guests entertained by being funny with a wedding toast.

Be Natural

When it comes to a wedding toast, it is important that you are yourself. You don’t have to imitate Dave Chappelle. Or be funny like Adam Sandler. Be a natural. This will help you feel relaxed and comfortable during the whole thing. It will also make the toast easy peasy, just like you are having fun.

Be Prepared

If this is your first wedding toast, ensure that you prepare and practice. You can come up with a note that entails everything you plan to say. Wedding toasts are usually short, so don’t put yourself under a lot of pressure. You can rehearse in front of the mirror. You can also practice around people that can rate your presentation.

Utilize Personalized Sentiments

To make a wedding toast funny, it has to have an element of personalized sentiment. In simple words, it means making the entire toast about the couple. If you are having difficulty with that, you can easily get ideas online.

Go Down Memory Lane

Recounting good ol’ memories in your toast to the couple will lighten the room. It could be a funny experience with the groom or bride. It could be something from high school or college.

However, it is paramount that you know there are lines you can’t cross. Don’t make references that will embarrass the couple or make the guest feel uncomfortable.

Focus on Love and Affection

It’s easier to go off track when you have a lot to say within a limited time. But never forget that weddings center on the love two people share between themselves. Keep it light.