Wedding guests always look forward to activities like wedding processional, exchange of wedding vows, kissing of the bride, cutting of the cake, speeches, to mention a few. All these activities make weddings unique, fun and eventful.

But our focus here will be on wedding cakes. The tradition of cutting wedding cakes are one of the activities people look forward to in a wedding. It symbolizes the first activity done together as a couple. There are creative ways to plan a wedding on a budget and that includes the wedding cake.

Cupcake Wedding Cake Idea

Cupcakes seem like a perfect on a budget wedding cake idea for couples that would have a lot of guests at their wedding. A dozen cupcakes can cost as little as $25. Therefore, you will only be spending $450 for 200 guests. When you compare this to other thousand-dollar cake ideas, you will realize that it doesn’t get better than that.

Furthermore, the on a budget wedding cake idea saves you the stress and the messiness of serving slices from a larger cake. It does not require forks and knives. Plates are not also necessary for cupcakes.

Homemade Pies

The next wedding cake idea for couples on a budget is home-made pies. It gives you the chance to explore different flavor ideas like cherry, apple, pumpkin, and more. Apart from that, there are different homemade pies and creative ideas you can explore.

One way you can save costs with homemade pies is by utilizing fruit pies that are in season during your wedding. Regardless of theme or size of your wedding, homemade pies can be handy for your special occasion.

Decide on Supermarket Cakes

Buying supermarket cakes is another way to stay on a budget. You can easily get affordable white iced cakes that come with accessories of your choice. These cakes are in different sizes and flavors (cherry fruits, apple. Chocolate layers). You can also explore the different flavors together.

In addition to that, you can stack this cake. Or even use pillar and cake stands for a tiered shape. Iced figurines and color ribbon will also be a great addition to your wedding cake.

Cakes as Dessert

Couples that can’t afford to spend on both dessert and cake can opt for this idea. All you just need to do is to include wedding cake as part of the menu.

The best part is you don’t need the traditional cake. You can literally make use of any cake for dessert. Put a well-fitted cake at the reception. You can explore ideas like cheesecake, profiteroles, chocolate torte, strawberry meringues, and macaroons. All these are perfect for dessert.

You can also try out individually packaged sweet cakes. The idea might have been around for a while. But you can never run out of style with it.