Wedding backdrops are past the days of boring arches, decorated pillars, and linen backdrops. This is the 21st century, you can get inspiration from anywhere and anything when it comes to deciding what backdrop to use for your wedding. Meant to be the frame or background for where you say the “I dos”, your wedding backdrop should be special just like every other aspect of your wedding.  

A wedding backdrop can be a display of a common interest or attribute between you and your partner. Although for couples that have a lot in common this could be hard because the options are too numerous.  

Nature Is Your Friend 

When has nature never been beautiful? With a little tweak and good positioning, even a desert can be a great backdrop for your wedding. Many people now take their wedding vows in front of an old tree as a symbolism of how old their love will get. And I have to say it is a genius way to save cost and have a memorable backdrop for your wedding. 

Sunsets are Always Romantic 

Imagine saying your ” I dos” in front of a big view of the sun setting? If that isn’t some Shakespearean romanticism I don’t know what is. This might take more planning and promptness but it will surely be worth it when the photographer comes out with exceptionally beautiful takes as you share your first kiss as a married couple. 

Beach-Themed Backdrops for the Laidback 

If you and your partner are both fans of the beach, this will be perfect for you. Using beach scenery with bayan trees to mark the beginning of a smooth sailing marriage would be epic. 

Abstract Paintings to Add Depth to Your Union 

You can choose to have a beautiful painting as a backdrop for your wedding. It can help you tell a story, be it what you and your partner fancy or what relates to the journey of your relationship. 

Flower Walls Can Never Go Wrong 

A giant wall of different kinds of gorgeous and decadent flowers is also another idea you can decide to ponder on. You can decide to mix two specific colors of flowers that complement your wedding theme or just go for a mix-up of many colorful flowers to create a sort of “beauty in the chaos” atmosphere. 

Photo by ye qing on Unsplash

Tents and Gazebos 

You would think, tents for a wedding backdrop might come off as odd but choosing a tent with sharp colors of white and black and with two big flower pots at both sides of the couple can be very sophisticated. You can also decide to say your wedding vows inside a gazebo that is decorated with shiny light to give it that sparkly and glamorous setting. 

Dramatic Doorways Are Always Welcoming 

A doorway that has an artistically carved arch will be great as a backdrop. The doorways may be half-opened or just closed shut especially if they are beautifully carved too. You might decide to do this in front of a cathedral door as the priest ties your knot.