Weddings do not always have to be on Saturday afternoons followed by receptions in the evenings. You can switch up the play and try one of the growing trends of this year; a brunch wedding. I mean, What’s not to love about fresh flowers, sunny, temperate days, and gatherings with loved ones? 

A brunch wedding is about combining your favorite breakfast and lunch dishes with one of the would-be happiest days of your life, your wedding. Often booked early in the day, usually mid-morning, your guests will be expecting to enjoy a wedding that promises some of their favorite breakfast dishes. 

And it is a promise this read will give you creative ideas to incorporate into your brunch wedding. So let me take your hand and walk you down this edifying aisle of 7 wonderful ideas you can utilize on your wedding. 

Themed Invites

First off, give your guests an idea of what your wedding is going to be like by using a thematic invitation card. You can use bright colors of flowers to decorate the edges of your card. Or you can try designs of a cup of coffee or tea, a vase of flowers, a plate of waffles, doughnuts, and any other breakfast fast-related dish. 


Nothing says breakfast and lunch more than a cup of coffee or tea. You can set up a booth or coffee stall. You may also decide to use ushers to serve it to your guests mid-ceremony. It also would be great to consider a custom tea bar with varieties of flavors your guests can choose from. 

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

In-Season Table Decorations 

To maintain the atmosphere of your brunch wedding, freshly picked flowers can be used as centerpieces on tables. You can also decide to go with in-season fruits like lemons, strawberries, pears, or even apples. 

Brunch Inspired Cake 

Take a break from the norm and be creative with brunch-themed designs for your cake. You can decide to go with a cinnamon roll wedding cake or waffle cake. It will be beautiful if your cake is embellished with fruits like strawberries. 

Casual Attire 

You are having a brunch wedding, then you are having a casual wedding. Male guests do not have to be in formal attire, they may grace the occasion with a sport coat and a collared shirt with khakis or slacks. Women may also dorn flowery gowns with florals, polka dots, gingham, or prints that scream spring. 

More Than Breakfast 

Not everyone is a fan of breakfast. It will do you a whole world of good to have another choice of food other than just breakfast dishes. You can make arrangements for steak or chicken as an alternative. 

Play your Favorites 

Bands are not needed to have a beautiful brunch-themed wedding. You can set the tone with a playlist of you and your partner’s favorite tracks to listen to in the morning. It is easier to set a record player or a DJ in the corner of a room playing your favorite tracks than to go weeks deciding and booking a band that may disappoint.