The world is changed by example, not by your opinion – Paulo Coelho

Keeping our world safe from global warming and the deadly effects of greenhouse gases is our collective responsibility. Apart from keeping the environment safe, going green is considered healthy and most times economic-friendly. Most of everything eco-friendly can be reused, recycled, and can be reduced.

One of the most viral ways to go green is to choose eco-friendly products. But it goes beyond that. It can be infused into your habits and lifestyle. Today, we will walk you through how you can keep a corporate event low waste and environmentally friendly.

Go Green With Catering

Choosing a catering service that opts for sustainable foods is one of the ways to keep your corporate event low waste and environmentally friendly. These foods are made from organic ingredients. Apart from that, there are eco-friendly menu options you can explore.

Going green is also in the way the food is served. The catering service must be intentional with the packaging 0f foods. You can avoid paper/plastic waste, straws, and other utensils that are not eco-friendly. 

Go Green With the Venue

I know you are wondering and asking. How can you keep your corporate event low waste and environmentally friendly? Well, here’s how.

You can choose an event venue with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. Venues with this certification met the high standards of energy efficiency and waste reduction. Another thing you should know about LEED-certified venues is that they offset an event’s carbon footprint. Other sustainable certifications you can consider include APEX/ASTM, Green Key, or Green Leaders.

You can also decide on venues that are close to your and attendees’ residences. This is best when you and the participants reside in the same city. That will require less travel. Close to that, events close to public transport are also ideal.

Go Green With Carbon Offsetting

Even when you have done everything right to keep your event low waste and environmentally friendly, you still need to deal with unavoidable waste. Waste can be managed by carbon offsetting. In a simpler term, you can invest in environmental projects that reduce the emission of carbon.

Be An Advocate of Going Green

Chances a fraction of your attendees are yet to have a strong conviction on why it is important to go low waste and environment friendly. In line with the words of Paulo Coelho, you have already set an example with catering, venue selection, and carbon offsetting. Now it’s time to be an advocate with your event. You can come up with an engaging lecture on ongoing eco-friendly, how it relates to your specific business, and how employees can contribute.