There is a lot of work that goes into planning any event, And I know you will agree that not having a plan is one of the mistakes to be avoided when planning a virtual conference. As the saying goes, when you fail to plan, you’ve already planned to fail.

Having a plan in a virtual conference comes with benefits like staying organized, helping you figure out what your event is missing, and it saves you from embarrassment in front of your guests. Apart from failing to have a plan, there are other mistakes you need to avoid.

Choosing Wrong Speakers

Deciding on the wrong presenter, moderator, or host is yet another mistake you need to avoid when planning a virtual conference. It is paramount to find the right speakers for your event. Some of the qualities you need to consider include:

-A great speaker must be engaging, knowledgeable of the subject discussed in your conference, it would be a lot better when the attendees can participate in the event.

-Also, an ideal speaker must be dynamic

-He/She must understand the flow of events.

However, if you are struggling to find someone to fit this profile, you can consult experts companies to help you out.

Not Choosing the Right Virtual Conference Platform

It’s no secret that there is a wide range of virtual platforms out there with exciting features. But these options can make it difficult for you to decide on the right platform. What you need to do is to come up with a checklist and see if the platform you are deciding on measures up. For instance, some platforms allow a limited number of attendees. And this platform might not be ideal for a virtual conference with hundreds of attendees.

Furthermore, pricing should not be used as a yardstick to decide on a platform. As the costly option is not always the right option. When you finally decide on one, make sure that you fully test the software. You can even go as far as rehearsing the whole event before the D-day.

Ignoring Attendees Experience

Whether you are a brand, an organization, or even a community, it is paramount that you don’t make everything about yourself. When you consider the experience of your attendees, the conference will be shaped to make them enjoy themselves and have a nice time. Apart from that, the conference will create an avenue to surprise and make them want for more.

Opting for the Wrong Sponsor The sponsor you choose for your virtual event determines the success or the failure of your event. When you find a sponsor whose vision and values align with yours it could be a great bonus to your event. For instance, having the ideal sponsor can provide great insight into attendees’ behavior and demographics. Apart from that, your sponsor could also make provision for resources that would make a difference in your virtual conference.