Hey!! Michelle here from Michelle’s Flowers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

I am a studio based wedding florist and run an online floral boutique that offers city wide flower delivery in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. We opened in 2007 and have been flowering Saskatoon ever since. My true love of the job for me lies in wedding flowers. I just simply love designing for these special moments. I adore designing the bridal bouquet the absolute most!

I have been asked to be a guest blogger for Imagine Events out of Saskatchewan. They have recently expanded and are now available for Saskatoon weddings and serve our local brides here. I have had the pleasure so far in working with them on a couple weddings and they have been nothing but AH-MAZING! I would highly recommend them to my brides!

Now onto flowers + the costs of wedding flowers…Lately, I have seen and heard the term ‘reasonably priced’ used a lot when it comes to weddings. Not specifically just wedding flowers but as a whole in the wedding industry. I have seen this in Facebook groups, in emails, and in chats with other wedding vendors. Every time I read this or hear this the first thing that comes to mind is, reasonably priced for who?!

Today I would like to dive deeper into specifically the costs of wedding flowers and why they can be ‘so expensive’. Notice I used parenthesis around the ‘so expensive’. While everything associated with a wedding comes with a price tag, some larger than others, couples in general often experience some form of sticker shock over their florals. (I blame Pinterest lol, these grand ideas that would be SO INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS and DREAMY, but not realistic for most couples). Simply put quality flowers + quality designs come at a cost. And to achieve those Pinterest worthy wedding florals you generally need to spend a pretty penny! Although every flower shop, studio, florist, grocery store, ect have their own set of factors when it come to costs, I would like to share a general list of where costs come into play for wedding flowers at Michelle’s Flowers:

-Advertising + Marketing-Emailing + preparing your floral quotes


-Preparing floral recipes for your wedding

-Ordering + Sourcing of your flowers-Ordering of extras incase some items arrive poorly


-Receiving the shipments of the wedding flowers

-Preparing, processing, and handling of your flowers (this is hours uponhours of work)

-Design time

-Packaging time for delivery or pick up In doing a full day set up, this adds a whole other element of cost(transportation, labor, design time)

-Returning to the studio to drop off all the items from the full day setup

-Studio clean up (along with so many buckets to wash!! Soooo many lol)

-Literal blood, sweat, and tears (and yes, all of those at some point inour 15 years!)

-Time + cost for furthering my design skills and education of my team

-And finally our years of experience and knowledge

As you can see, SO much time goes into every single aspect of wedding florals. Whether it be just wedding party flowers or full day service. This is one of the major reasons why wedding flowers are expensive. It is the time.

I hope this list is able to give a little insight into the cost of wedding flowers and an appreciation for the time it takes to design for these special events and design them well. Because let’s be honest, everyone has an auntie or a friend who does flowers …. am I right?!(I can honestly admit that at times I am even shocked when I create floral recipes and proposals.  To see all the other factors added together and how easily the costs add up …. I can only imagine how one might feel who has no general knowledge in this area.) With that being said, there are definitely ways to get around spending on a florist if you are not able to or even wanting to. Not everyone loves and appreciates fresh flowers and floral design. And that is a.o.k! If you’re up to the task of DIYing, preparing and arranging your own flowers, this can really help you save some money. Taking on this responsibility is again very time consuming so you must keep that in mind but this can leave you with some extra cash in the pocket!

Wishing you such a lovely day and such a lovely time planning your wedding flowers! If you would like to chat flowers with our team please head over tohttps://michellesflowers.ca/weddings, we’d love to hear from you!


Photo’s and Content Courtesy of Michelle’s Flowers, Saskatoon SK.