Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Most weddings only make provisions for adult entertainment, while little or nothing is done for the children in attendance.  

Here’s some great ideas on how to keep children entertained at a wedding. 

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash

A Goodie Bag  

At some weddings, guests are presented with welcome bags or wedding favors. Sometimes, these bags are filled with flip-flops. Or even the couple’s favorite local treat. But the little ones are left behind with little or no provision made. That’s where children’s goodie bags can come to play. 

You can fill the bag with coloring books with child-friendly details on your love story. Other essentials like toys and mini-desserts are also ideal for a child’s goodie bag.  

A Coloring Competition  

You can never run out of ideas on setting up a coloring competition to entertain kids at a wedding. There are a lot of wedding-themed printables online. All you just need to do is to add them to a table with pencil crayons and you will be amazed at the wonders these kids can create. Don’t forget to include a winning prize to make it more competitive. 

Photo Booth 

Having a photographer to capture priceless moments is one of the usual rituals in most wedding ceremonies. Have a child-friendly option by hiring a photo booth and props for your wedding. Ensure that children are included in their sessions. Keep a copy of the pictures for your photo album. Give your guest another copy to take home. 

Disposable Camera Scavenger Hunt 

The idea is perfect for couples that are not on a limited budget. Here’s how it works- 

Give each participant disposable cameras and a checklist of items they must capture with their camera. The checklist may include a wedding cake, a wedding car, someone talking/giggling, or even the groom’s mother/father. 


It’s no secret that most of us are so big on karaoke even as an adult. So chances of organizing this for kids at your wedding might make some adults wish they could be kids again. Select some child-friendly songs, it could be anything from Disney or some other current popular songs. Set it up in a separate room away from your regular wedding festivities. 

Children-friendly Snacks  

You can also keep children entertained with snacks that are approved for kids. We have come up with snacks that are child-friendly that you can easily explore. 




Kale chips 

Peanut butter and banana quesadilla 


Fruit smoothie 

Baked sweet potatoes 

Turkey and avocado roll-up