Weddings are magical and there are many ways to get creative and stylish with your wedding in 2022!  Here are 6 wedding trends that have arrived and that we’re predicting for this year! 

Weekday Weddings 

When COVID hit, there was a time the entire world was on lockdown. Then, safety measures were put in place to prevent the spread of the virus. All these had adverse effects on the wedding industry. But as the world continues to adjust to the changes, us wedding planners came up with ways to keep the industry alive amid the pandemic.   

Although weekday weddings means your family and loved ones will have to get off work, this wedding trend can be handy if you plan to keep the guests to a minimum. Weekday weddings are also perfect for couples that want smaller more intimate evening weddings. 

Furthermore, the wedding trend comes with perks like cheaper rates, more availability of venues/suppliers, and other  great resources. 

Backyard Weddings  

If you haven’t been to one, you probably will soon! Backyard weddings are romantic, unique, and stylish. Over the recent years, wedding venues with enchanting gardens have become more trendy And that is because most couples love the magical greenery-filled outdoor spaces.  

To a large extent, the wedding trend allows you to control the feel and look of your special day. But this kind of wedding requires a lot of planning and is only advisable for the warmer season. If you do go this route always plan your backup rain plan, considering Saskatchewan weather is known to change on a moments notice. 

Destination Weddings 

Put simply, destination weddings are held far from home. It gives couples a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate in a dream destination of their choosing. This wedding trend allows flexibility with location.  

It’s no secret this year was pretty hard on us. There were restrictions on movements and travel means. The destination is how you get away to change your scenery. And the best part is that you get to have your wedding and vacation wrapped together. 

Micro and PopUp Weddings 

Back in the 1960s, the wedding trend was quite popular. It is an intimate civil ceremony that can be considered a mini wedding. In 2022, I’m predicting there will be more of this wedding trend with simple short ceremony celebrations and small family gatherings. More importantly, the wedding trend gives room for creativity and a chance to break free from the “wedding- norm”. Check out for local options. 

Bridgerton-Themed Wedding  

If you are big on TV series, then you might have seen Netflix’s Bridgerton. We’re predicting that the obsession with the Regency Era will find its way back to modern weddings in 2022 and 2023. There will be more pastel soft blue color palettes and floral arrangements of English’s country roses and afternoon tea.  

Private First Dances 

A couple’s first dance is one of the most anticipated events people look out for in a wedding. It’s a tradition that this dance is held at a reception venue. But over the last few years, we have seen couples have their first dance privately in a courtyard, back garden, and even on a terrace and share a moment that is just unique for them. We’re predicting that there will be more private first dances in 2022