Recently we asked Mike of Mike Drop Productions his thoughts on NOT hiring a DJ for your wedding, and just using a playlist! So were excited to share some feedback from a music professional on everything DJ!

Should I Hire A DJ For My Wedding?

It’s a question that has been asked for many years – for my wedding, should I hire a DJ, or should I make my own playlist? My name is Mike, I’m the proud owner of Mike Drop Productions and I’ve been a professional wedding DJ for 5 years. I have had the opportunity to attend both types of weddings and seen both types succeed, and both types fail. Some of my friends and family decided to use an iPod, some hired me to DJ their weddings, and others decided to hire a band. Not sure which choice you should make? You’ve found the perfect article, so without further ado, let’s dive in!

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

What does a wedding DJ do for me on my wedding day?

Think back to the last time you went to watch someone speak, or went to a live comedy show, or went to a concert. Did they have a microphone in their hand, or did they just use their voice to scream into the crowd so you can hear them? Obviously, they had a microphone in their hand, so why would your wedding ceremony be any different? One of the most overlooked parts of hiring a DJ, is that they provide sound equipment and a microphone for every aspect of your day. Your vows are important, so make sure everyone can hear you say “I do.”

Now the ceremony is over, you’re officially married (YAY!), and it’s time to celebrate! Think of the last time you went out for a fancy dinner with your partner… was it silent in the room or did they have some soft music playing to set the mood? Cocktail and dinner music sets the mood for the celebration, gives background noise for their conversations, and prepares them for the party to follow. Remember, currently you and your partner are most likely off site for photos. Do you trust cousin Billy to put the right cocktail + dinner playlist on? What if your playlist is full of country music, but your guests tap their feet to rock and roll? A wedding DJ acts as the main host during the cocktail hour, keeping your guests entertained, and ensuring that the music keeps going even if there is a change in the day-of timeline.

AT LAST! You’ve made it to the party! This is typically where your DJ becomes the focus of your wedding. Guests remember two things from a wedding – the music, and the food. A DJs job is to read the room, program the music accordingly, and ensure the overall success of your event. By going the playlist route, you may have the right songs, but are they played in the correct order? Does your playlist know never to play a club banger followed by a slow song followed by a country two step? A DJ can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring the overall success of your wedding. What about last call for alcohol? If only we had a microphone to make that announcement!? Good thing the DJ has one!

Photo by Tom Pottiger on Unsplash

What makes a Mike Drop Productions DJ different?

The Mike Drop difference starts months before your wedding. During our communication, we take the time to help you select any songs you may be struggling with. We have custom playlists on Spotify so you can listen to the song before you make your choice! It’s awfully hard to listen to written words on a list of songs, isn’t it?

Next up – the rehearsal! Most DJs don’t attend the rehearsal the day before the wedding. They will say something like “I’m a senior professional DJ, I don’t need to attend the rehearsal”. Mike Drop Productions DJs attend the rehearsal to not only give you peace of mind, but to ensure that we address the timing while walking down the aisle, address changes that might happen after you hear the songs live before your wedding day and create cues that smooth out the flow of the ceremony.

The most important difference is that we treat you like a friend. If the DJ sits behind the table, presses play, and never dances to their own music, why would you? We pride ourselves on celebrating with you like a friend. From the start of the dance, right to the final song, our DJs are upbeat, energetic, and prepared to give you the party of a lifetime so you can spend time making memories, instead of making playlists!

A DJ is one of the most important pieces to a successful day, and while an iPod playlist might work, you deserve to spend your day enjoying yourself, not picking the next song. For more, visit us at !

Mike @ Mike Drop Productions, Saskatoon, SK.