Today we are super excited to be chatting with Hailly Nicklom, a photographer working in Southern Saskatchewan and Alberta! Hailly is sharing some of her tips for getting the perfect wedding photo’s!

Wedding Planning Tips from a Wedding Photographer 

Every wedding is unique. As a wedding photographer you have the opportunity to see things that work and things that don’t work time and time again! I’m Hailly, a wedding photographer based in Saskatchewan. Through my personal experiences here are some things that you may not have thought of when planning your wedding: 


Why does lighting and the sun matter so much? Sunlight can have a direct impact on the quality of photos you receive on your wedding day! You don’twant the sun to be casting long shadows on your face for your portraits! And you want to use the best lighting of the day the best you can! 

The hour before sunset is what is called golden hour. This is the best time of day for photos. If mornings are your thing, you get this same dreamy light at sunset! These will be your favorite portraits from the day, I promise! I tell all my couples to schedule minimum half hour to sneak away for these golden hour/sunset sessions.  

Light also changes throughout the year. In winter the sun sets early, like 5:00 early. And in the peak of summer the sun sets as late as 10:00. This time difference can have a huge impact on your wedding photography and timeline!  

Making Sure you get Those Picture-Perfect Moments 

Take your photographer with you everywhere! You never know when there will be a picture worthy moment. Getting a limo? Bring your photographer. Consider your photographer your third wheel for the entire day! 

Ask your officiant to step to the side for the kiss at the ceremony! It will make this moment extra special! The less you have your officiant in the back of your ceremony photos the better, and most of them will thank you for it! 

Do your speeches, first dance, and any other programs you have planned before dinner. The tables are clean and staged the way you intend them to be. If you wait until after you run the risk of half-eaten food spoiling your photos. There is nothing like a messy table to take away from the ambience of the night.


 Keeping Your day as Stress Free as Possible 

In my personal opinion based on my experience having a first look and some of your photos done before your ceremony can make for a less stressful day. Why? Because it allows for more fluidity. There is less stop and pause from event to event. There is less for you to do after your ceremony which is when a lot of brides are ready to just have fun. This also allows for more private intimate moments between you and your fiancé before greeting all your guests. This style of wedding is not for everyone and that’s okay this is just my opinion! 

Even if you don’t think you want engagement photos. Get engagement photos. This is such an important interaction with the person who is going to preserving the memories of your wedding. Not only do you get to know each other but this is an incredible opportunity to get yourself excited for the style of photos you will receive of your wedding! When your photographer arrives on the day it will feel like you’re greeting a friend rather than a stranger! 

The most important tip for anyone planning a wedding, it’s your wedding! Do it your way and you’ll be sure to have no regrets! 

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~ Hailly Nicklom Photography