We are super excited to chat with our friends over at Handy Special Events in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We asked them to give some professional advice on decorating for your wedding, and we have chosen to focus on different styles of backdrops to complete the design and décor of your special event! Thanks to Handy Special Events for their professional advice on the perfect backdrop!

Handy Special Events, Saskatoon, Sask:

Photo’s and Text provided by Handy Special Events, Saskatoon, Sask.

Backdrops are the perfect addition to any event you are planning! From birthday parties to baby showers, give your guests the perfect place to snap some pics to share on their socials. If you’re celebrating your big day, backdrops make the perfect frame to capture the wedding parties’ best moments. With our wide variety of inventory to select from, each backdrop can be completely customizable to be unique to your event.

Range of Color, Material and Style:

We have a large selection of drapery with a range of materials that can give each backdrop a completely different look. Chiffon is a light material that creates a soft, romantic look. Textured and patterned curtains work well if your event has a theme! Burlap drapes add the perfect touch to any rustic party. If your event is heading more towards the red-carpet glam, our sequin drapes in a variety of color options will make your event sparkle, or our green leaf and enchanted tree-printed drapes are perfect to transport your guests into a magical evening! In addition to fabric curtains, we also carry light curtains, which when layered with a chiffon backdrop add a dreamy effect to the celebration.

Arches and Pillars:

Arches and pillars have become much more popular in modern events to accent or replace a fabric backdrop. Arches can be dressed up in many ways using florals, linen, or greenery. Geometric shapes like pentagon, hexagon or triangle arches create a dynamic style perfect for parties, whereas a round arch is perfect for weddings or showers and create a soft and “whole” look.

Pillars are a great accent to either arches or fabric backdrops. They can add height and depth to your backdrop. Clear pillars are clean and sleek statement pieces that can be filled with balloons or greenery or used to hold different décor options on top.

Custom Backdrops:

Let yourself be as creative as possible and our team will help you bring your dream backdrop to life. Our selection of rental items allows for customization of the material, design, layers and more! Our backdrops also help if any part of the venue needs a part covered up and can really turn a venue into a whole new space. Organize and design your backdrop the way you envisioned and give your events a charming and mesmerizing effect by creating the right backdrop.

~Handy Special Events

As you can see there are many styles and options when it comes to completing your event with the perfect backdrop. And Handy Special Events can certainly assist with rentals and helping you design exactly what you are looking for! Checkout Handy Special Events for all your backdrop needs!