We are super excited to be hearing one of the many amazing Saskatoon vendors that we get to work with, wedding commissioner Verone Charington. Verone has put together some amazing advice on things you really need to consider while planning your wedding ceremony!

“Love was just a word until the day I met you.”  It is the role of the Marriage Commissioner to find out what the couple wants for their “dream wedding,” and how to make their wishes come true.  Planning the Wedding Ceremony together is the key to success.


 10 ways to have a Meaningful Wedding Ceremony

1) Determine the “Heartbeat” of your Ceremony

2) Choose Ceremony music you love

3) Writing your vows

4) Including your loved ones 

5) Personalize details – often a Rehearsal helps 

6) Adding cultural traditions, and ceremonies – Blanket Ceremony, Candle Ceremony, Hand Fasting Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Tree Planting Ceremony, a Sand Ceremony – are a few to choose from

7) Being familiar with the Ceremony layout, your photographer, videographer, DJ, musicians

8) If deciding on readings, choose the most meaningful 

9) Add heirloom details

10) Share photos

11) if you have a little ones as Ring Bearers or Flower Girls – give them time to “shine” 

12) Please remember to enjoy every moment of your Wedding Ceremony, and have your tissues ready! Sometimes some little details do not quite go as planned.  Please remember that is OK.

Your Wedding Day is all about sharing your love for one another with your family and friends who are there to support you.  

As Marriage Commissioner, my ultimate goal is to help and guide you every step of the way.  The personal connection I have established from our initial meeting often ends up in a lasting friendship!

Video by Mind Art Productions

To learn more about Verone and how she can help you with a custom ceremony you can contact her directly or visit her website! 

Verone Charington

Marriage Commissioner