Christmas is part of the year where people come together to celebrate and make plans for the New Year. Incorporating Christmas and holiday celebrations into the work culture helps your workers unwind and bond into a better and efficient team.

Let us help you organize an interesting and memorable Christmas party at your workplace. The following tips and processes will help you brainstorm for a corporate Christmas party that won’t be forgotten.

Start with the basics.

The basics of throwing a Christmas party at work remain the same. Select the date and venue for the party. Send an invite to workers and partners alike. You should also make an effort to promote the event and ensure that workers commit to attending the party.

 Select a Theme

Selecting a theme for a corporate Christmas party adds a new dimension to the party. Selecting a theme for every Christmas party makes each one unique and special. You should also select a dress code in tune with the theme and ensure that you inform all your workers and other attendees. The following are some examples of Christmas party themes that you can choose from;

  • Secret Santa Theme
  • Winter Wonderland Theme
  • White Elephant Theme

Select Games and Activities

One of the things that can make your Christmas party fun is the addition of games and activities. Apart from eating and drinking, workers should spend time together in fun activities and games. This will build the team spirit and allow them to bond well against working in the New Year.

The following are examples of games and activities that you can engage in at a corporate Christmas party;

  • Christmas Carol Bingo
  • Gift Wrap Relay
  • Bowling
  • Watching a Christmas Movie in a Cinema Setting
Photo by Sam Loyd on Unsplash

Other Things to Do

By following the steps above, you are already on your way to organizing a unique and memorable corporate Christmas party. However, you should keep the following things in mind;

  • Start early, about two weeks early.
  • Include some of your employees in the planning and organizing team
  • Set a budget for the party and set aside contingency funds.
  • Ensure that the decoration for the party venue matches the theme selected
  • Foods and drinks are very important at a Christmas party. Thus, it is essential that you pay adequate attention to them.
  • Plan for music and other forms of entertainment.