With 2021 still being a transitional year managing COVID and mass gatherings, pop-up weddings and micro weddings were a huge hit with our team at Imagine Events. This year Imagine held over 3 pop-up dates that were fully booked with happy brides and grooms!

Photo by Zoe Graham on Unsplash

Our pop-up weddings are the perfect option for brides and grooms wanting something simple, unique, and that won’t cost an arm and a leg! We’ve helped couples get married from all over the province including Regina, Saskatoon, Estevan, Weyburn, Yorkton and more! Just show up, and Tye the Knot!

A pop-up wedding is the perfect option for brides and grooms who want to get married on a budget, but still want a special celebration. Typically at a pop-up wedding many couples get married on the same day, at the same venue, sharing all of the same vendors! This keeps the cost of the wedding super budget friendly for each couple! Each couple gets the space to themselves for a certain allotted time on the day of!

Professional local vendors have been pre-selected to manage and cover all of your wedding needs including venue, wedding planner, wedding commissioner, music professional, décor, florist, caterers and cake baker. This takes away all the stress of event planning, as it’s already done for you! Here, we have already taken care of the big details for you such as finding professional vendors, making arrangements, confirming the details, creating your timeline, setup/teardown of the venue and more! No need to worry about all those contracts and other booking details.

Regina Pop-Up Weddings is managed and planned by a very unique partnership of vendors including Imagine Events (your wedding planning guru’s) and Tye the Knot Marriage Commissioner Services! If you are wanting to have your wedding with Regina Pop-Up Weddings, visit our website for upcoming dates and details! http://www.reginapopupweddings.ca.