Having a well organized day for your wedding might seem like a no-brainer, but many people leave out a lot of important components when trying to plan out there day. At some point in advance of your wedding, you will create some sort of timeline so you know when and where people are supposed to be, and what needs to be done. And if you dont have a wedding coordinator assisting you in the process or making your timeline for you like Imagine Events does, you may find yourself missing a few key components that are detrimental to s successful stress-free wedding.

One of the first things people always leave out is travel time. Any city in Saskatchewan, you should give yourself a half hour travel time between any stop. Travel should be considered for all appointments such as hair and makeup, travel to ceremony and reception, and all the stops in between for your photo locations.

Second, be sure to list and confirm the arrival times of your vendors, especially if you are doing a DIY wedding in small-town Saskatchewan! Why? Because while you are getting your hair and makeup done, someone needs to open the hall and let in the DJ and caterer so they can setup. And what about when its time for cocktails? You and your family may be having photos taken, so whose is going to let in the bartenders so they can get everything setup and started before you arrive a reception. If you dont have a professional wedding coordinator to take care of the these details behind the scenes you will need to designate someone to ensure it happens and provide them with the timeline to execute it for you!

Lastly, be sure to leave enough time for photo’s! Any great photographer will tell you that you don’t want to be rushed during your weddings photo’s. Most photographers will ask for about 2 hours in-between ceremony and reception so there is enough time for some posed family portraits as well as wedding party photo’s. So keep this in mind while planning out your special day!

Worried about having a great timeline for your wedding, but can’t afford a coordinator? Imagine Events also offers hourly services. You can book an Al la Carte service with us to help with almost any aspect of your pre-wedding plans including timeline creation, favor creation, RSVP tracking, design assistance, floorplan creation, vendor research and more! Contact us for a custom quote. Happy Planning!