When I go back to the memories of my wedding, the first thoughts that come to me is that I wish I had more time to spend with my mother. I wish she was enjoying the planning with me, instead of her doing so much for the wedding. She was being so helpful keeping things organized that I did not see how much she was really doing. It never occurred to me, was she really going to enjoy the day of the wedding? She would do the sewing, make the wedding cake, wrapping all the individual pieces, making decorations and planning the whole rehearsal party. In addition she was baking for guests coming.

The day of the wedding she still was always by my side and making sure everything went smooth from ceremony to the late night lunch. It was great for me, but was it great for her? She said the wedding was great but so happy it was over.

I wish I knew then what I know now. I should have got a wedding planner. They can solve all the issues from planning meetings, right up to helping you the day of your ceremony. All the stress and worries can be alleviated so you and your family and friends can enjoy this special day. From planning meetings, helping you find vendors that fit your budget and style of wedding, decorating for the special day, and guiding you down the isle, your wedding planner will help you through any issues and give you a magical moment you will not forget.

If I had hired a wedding planner, it would have given my mom more time to enjoy the day with me, instead of stressing about the details!