Pets are important members of our families, and there is no reason why they should not share the joy of our special day with us. If you are a fur parent and have a wedding up ahead, you should think of a way to incorporate your pets into the wedding (if you’ve not been thinking about it).

However, if you have run out of ideas on ways to include your pets, worry no more; we have got some exciting ideas for you. Regardless of the type of pet you have, you will find one of these ideas suitable for you and your pet on your wedding day. However, it is important to state that the venue of your wedding and the personality of your pet will determine the extent to which you can adopt some of these ideas.

Walk Down The Aisle With Them

Yes, it is possible and would look cute too. You can have your pet walk down the aisle with down when you are ready to take your vows. They have walked around with you all your life, so why not down the aisle too. However, you will have to consider the venue of the wedding. While a dog or cat can comfortably walk down an aisle at an outdoor venue, indoor venues might not allow it.

Dress Them Up and Pose them for Pictures

Another way of including your animal friend at your wedding is through pictures. Your human friends are going to be in the pictures, so why deny the furry friend? Have your pet dressed up in nice bowtie, with matching colours. You can then include them in the wedding pictures and create an everlasting memory with them.

Have Your Pets Bear the Wedding Ring

One of the interesting ways of having your pets share your special day with you is to have them bear the wedding ring as your ring bearer. You can do this by getting a pet-inspired ring holder.

Also, you can have your pet hold the ring while down the aisle with you. However, ensure your pet is well trained!

Include them in the Squad Pics

Apart from single photos, while taking the squad picture with your friends for your bachlorette or bachelor parties, include your pet.