Every organization understands the importance of teamwork and team-bonding. The success of a business organization depends a lot on the strength of the team and relations between different team members. This is why many organizations attach a lot of importance to team building.

If you are looking to improve the bonding between your workers, outdoor teambuilding exercises can be very helpful. However, it is also stressful to map out activities and events for such exercises. You don’t want a situation where the team members feel awkward or uninterested in the activities you choose for them.

To save you some time, here are some exciting outdoor team building event ideas for your organization;

Scavenger Hunt

In this event, you divide your workers into two or more teams. Then, draw up a list of weird tasks for each team to do as a group. The tasks could include searching and recovering a lost treasure as a team, taking a selfie with a stranger, and other similar tasks. Give a list to each team, and the first team to finish up its tasks win.

The purpose of the game is to break up cliques within the office and allow people to work together efficiently. If they can cooperate on the weird tasks and complete them effectively, the same energy can be transferred to their duties in the workplace.

The Field with Landmines

For this game, divide workers into a team of two, and have one person from each pair wear a blindfold. Put different objects such as balls, cones, and the likes on the floor. The blindfolded person is to move from one end of the open space to the other end without stepping on any of the objects. He or she will have to move based on the verbal instructions of his/her partner only.

The purpose of this game is to foster trust and effective communication in the workplace. If the blindfolded person can successfully get to the other end of the pen space based on verbal instructions of his/her partner, they can work efficiently together at work.

The Egg Drop

Again, you need to divide the team into different groups. You then provide them with office supplies and an egg. Each team is supposed to use the office supplies to build a contraption within a given time that safely carries the egg. At the end of the game, you drop the egg contraption made by each team to see the one strong enough to prevent the egg from breaking.

The purpose of this event is to build the spirit of teamwork, problem-solving, and engagement. The teams will have to brainstorm and work together to avoid the breaking of eggs.