Sometimes, the difference between an exciting conference and a ‘snoozefest’ is the breaks and entertainment schedule. After talking and discussing business, you need a break that is both entertaining and exciting.

Here are some non-boring entertainment ideas for your conference breaks.

Dance Entertainment

Music has always been an interesting part of life, and you can never go wrong with it. However, music may not be solely enough to keep your audience engaged and alert all through the conference. Why don’t you add a bit of a dance show?

While you don’t need to turn the event into a music show, getting pairs of dancers and choreographers with interesting costumes will do the trick. Allow the lightings of the venue to add a bit of glamour to the dancer’s performance, and you will have your audience wowed by the ensemble.

If the venue has an elevated runway, site the dance show there, and it will fit perfectly for a business event.

Music Options

In this case, you do away with the dance performance and place the entire focus on the music. Live music is a great option, but a great DJ can also do the trick. Finally, the music should be bubbly and whimsical so as to engage the audience and get them rejuvenated.

Acrobatic Performance

Another form of artistry that you can use is acrobatics. With this performance, give your attendees a feel of the circus while on break from the serious world of business and conferences.

Roaming Animators

How about you get a set of rowdy animators to roam around the conference hall during breaks. In their colourful costumes and enchanting performance, you can be sure of a rejuvenated audience. These roaming animators will interact with the attendees and liven the mood inside the conference hall.

Magic Shows

Adding a bit of make-believe to the entertainment schedule for your conference is not a bad idea. Apart from getting your audience wowed, you will get them talking about the conference days and weeks after.

Celebrity Impersonators

Is there a celebrity that your audience would like to see? Get an impersonating artist to act the part and stroll into the conference hall during the entertainment break!