If you love to do things differently or plan to keep things simple by getting married in your backyard, there is nothing stopping you from having your wedding there. All it takes is a bit of creativity and perfect planning. This article is a guide to help you plan an ideal outdoor backyard BBQ wedding.

While planning for the wedding, there are some important logistics that you cannot afford to miss out on.


Power is one of the things you will need for an outdoor backyard wedding. From the sound system to the lighting and food prep equipment, you will find that power is an integral part of your planning. Thus, after checking with all the service providers (DJ, Caterers, and the likes) about their power requirements, you should make a provision for a generator that is capable of supplying the required power.


If your expected guests are more than 20, then you will need an efficient portable toilet trailer. You should get one with the essentials and also some extra features such as mirrors, sinks and the likes. You probably will not want an excess of people coming in and out of your house to use your personal restroom.


Yes, we know that it is your backyard, but you may need to obtain permits from various local government agencies. The permits you should be looking to obtain include noise ordinances and permits, fire permits, and any other additional paperwork that you may need. Be sure to check with your local officials to ensure you are following all guidelines and bylaws.


Your neighbours play a pivotal role in the success of an outdoor backyard wedding. Therefore, you may want to check in with them. Thus, if there is any adjustments or rearrangement needed from their end, they would have ample time to do it.

Parking Space

This is another important logistics for an outdoor wedding. When obtaining permits from local government agencies, you may want to obtain a parking permit for your visitors too. Also, If you don’t have a capable parking space around, you may need to employ the services of a valet service to park the car in a nearby open parking lot.   

Clean Up

This is another aspect of the outdoor wedding that you want to devote special attention to. If your guests are over 20, then you can imagine the amount of trash and dirt produced at the end of the day. Thus it is important to provide trash bins and recycling bins for your guests to dispose of wastes. You may also want to hire a cleanup service to clean the area when you are done.