Pop-ups are now becoming the rave with virtually all sectors and industries tapping into the idea. From arts to entertainment and retail, businesses are taking advantage of this trend to create a buzz about their offerings using limited budgets and space. If you are thinking of jumping on the bandwagon, this article is for you.

A pop-up event is a marketing experience for one or multiple businesses that opens up in an unconventional or temporary space for a limited period of time. The purpose is to create awareness about a business or product in a surprising way that makes people attach the experience to the brand or business. The following are some of the important things to do while hosting a pop-up event.

Photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash

Placemaking; Use Strong Experience

If you want to catch people’s attention with your pop-up event, you should be ready to utilize ideas and innovations to help you do that. Placemaking is important because space is just space until people can attach certain sentiments and experiences to space. Thus, you should utilize creativity and innovation that will attract people’s attention and help them attach the experience to your business. Use a space that correlates well with your business. For example if you’re an a florist, farmer or gardener, consider using an outdoor space with a garden party feel etc.

Use Food; A Different Dining Experience

Surprise dining is one of the most innovative ways of getting people to pay attention to your pop-up event. You can arrange for the dining experience or partner with a restaurant that sees the possibilities in the event.

Host your dining event in a location or area that your business does not typically reach, such as in a new part of the city. The guests are usually few, about 20 or 30, and usually have tickets. These guests interact free with each other and give them a different feeling from that of an average restaurant.

Creating something like this will help your business build a vibrant customer base that will associate pleasant memories and experiences with your business and travel to your permanent establishment in the future.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you may want to take advantage of an event by a big brand to set up your pop-up event. A music festival, a cinema festival, and the likes are sure to bring different people to the venue. Utilize this opportunity to set up your pop-up event to attract a different clientele.