Alternative seating styles for corporate events is trending and gaining momentum as businesses are looking for new ways to keep their events fresh and functional for their attendees. In case you are new to the idea, the concept of alternative seating is to allow people to sit in a way that makes them more comfortable and allows for easy movement during your event!

While most business events are formal and require a formal setting, there is a need to adopt the concept of alternative seating into these events. This is because the comfort of participants at these events is paramount and should matter. However, it becomes a bit tricky to infuse this concept without tampering with the event’s formality.

This article will provide you with tips and ideas on incorporating alternative seating into your business events. However, before giving you some ideas, there are different considerations to make while planning an alternative seating arrangement in a business event. These considerations include

Duration of event: You want to consider the length of time participants will use at the event before deciding the type of alternative seating arrangement to use. For an average business event, the duration usually falls between 2 and 3 hours.

Venue: The meeting site also matters when deciding on the type of alternative seating arrangement. The volume of people in the area and how spacious the area is, are the important things to look out for.

Logistics: You also may need to look into the process of conveying these seating items to the event’s venue.

Budget: This is the last consideration, but it is equally important. The amount of money stipulated for the event and for the seating arrangement in particular matters.

Alternative Seating Ideas for Business Events

Backless Benches

As unconventional as these may sound, there are cool alternative seating options for business events. They allow participants to communicate with each other easily without any barrier. The only possible issue is the absence of backrests, which may prove uncomfortable for some people.

Floorplan Variation

No need to have the chairs setup theatre style, or all facing the stage. Consider new ways to position the attendees coming to the event for a more interactive experience.

Cardboard Seating

This option is fun, light, and perfect for business events such as trade shows and exhibitions. They are lightweight, mobile, and incredibly cheap.

Nap Pods

This alternative seating option is ideal for long events and trade shows. It allows users to rest at intervals without leaving the site of the event. However, you should ensure that the rest intervals are within 15 to 20 minutes as you don’t want your participants to fast asleep during the event.