The wedding day is one of the biggest days in the lives of many people. And as such, it can sometimes be a painful reminder that your loved one won’t be there in person to share the joy of the day with you. Many couples would love to special way to include their past loved ones as a part of their day. Therefore, the following are some of the ideas on ways to honor a loved one on your wedding day.

Keep a Seat to Honor them.

Reserving a loved one’s seat is one of the heartfelt gestures that couples do for their loved ones. You can provide a seat with their name or any of their personal effects on it. This gesture shows that you respect them and wish that they are present to witness your big day.

Adding an Heirloom to your Dress or Hair

This idea works perfectly if the loved one is your parent, most especially your mother. If you are from a family with lots of history, you probably have an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. An heirloom passed to you by your mother is one of the best ways to remember her on your wedding day. Use the heirloom as an embellishment with your hair or wedding dress to honor them.  

Play a Song

Music is an integral part of weddings, so it won’t look out of place to play a song on your wedding day. However, you can use this avenue to honor your loved one by playing a song that meant a lot to them.

Use Dessert

If the loved one have a favorite snack or food that can pass as dessert, you can make the snack and share it among your guests to honor them. Just like the song, the idea that people are eating the snacks in their honor is lovely.

Memorial Toast

At some point during the wedding, you need to make a speech of some sort. You can use this chance to talk about your loved one. Share a memorable experience you had with them and the importance they had in your life.