One of the best days in your life is your wedding day. Because of its importance, a lot of items and materials go into the planning. However, after all is said (the ‘I dos’) and done (the kissing), what do you do with the items?

You don’t want to throw things away unnecessarily or leave them to waste. In case you need ideas on what to do with items leftover from your wedding, here are some recycling ideas for your wedding items!

Wedding Dress

One of the most important pieces of your wedding day will be the wedding dress. Not many would want to do away with it. However, you may run into some difficulty trying to fit it into your closet, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. Thus, there are myriads of options for you if you are in this dilemma.

One, you can recycle the dress. Have your tailor remake or dye the dress to fit as an evening dress or cocktail dress. Alternatively have the material re-made into a child’s christening gown. This way, you get to keep the dress without it leaving it to collect dust in your closet.

Some ladies give out their wedding gowns to charities to help the less-privileged who cannot afford to buy or rent a wedding dress. You can do this or give it out to a relative who is about to get married. While you may not have it anymore, you would make a lot of people happy with the simple gesture.


While these are perishables, you still don’t have to throw them out immediately after the wedding. Get a flower vase to put them in and ask among your friends and family for people who would like them. Either way, it is better than throwing flowers away on the day of your wedding.

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

Wedding Decor and Centerpieces

These are items that you can reuse or resll after your wedding. You can simply convert these items to vases, jars, candle stands, and many more items that might be useful around the house. Alternatively, you can sell your wedding décor as a package online to another bride or groom-to-be who might be interested in the same theme.

Wedding Suits

Unlike the wedding dress, you can wear a suit for other purposes after your wedding. However, if you are out of space or are not a fan of suits, you can also donate them.


It is rare that you would have these as leftovers after your wedding. But if you do, they are the easiest to reuse. Printed invitations can be simply paper recycled. However, if you have leftover paper materials you can keep them for crafts!