Handing out wedding favours at receptions is a tradition that isn’t going anywhere. However, like most traditions, it is easy to run out of great ideas. Lately, it is a bit of a hassle to find useful wedding favours (you don’t want your guests throwing them out when they get home) and budget-friendly (most weddings cost enough already).

The most important factor in choosing a wedding favour is ensuring that there is a balance between usability and creativity. Choose gifts that your guests will be happy to have and use anyway. The size doesn’t matter; the usefulness does.Luckily, you can find creative wedding favours that are inspiring and that check the useful and budget-free boxes. Below are some ideas from couples that got married recently!

Customized Face Masks

Believe it or not, the pandemic will still be around for the next year; as a result, everybody should try to stay safe and healthy. Because of the pandemic, face masks have become an integral part of our clothing, with reputable fashion brands making fashionable masks.

You can key into this idea and hand out customized and personalized face masks at your wedding reception. Not only will your guests use them at the wedding, but it will also prove useful even after the wedding.

Hand Sanitizers

This is another item that the Covid-19 pandemic has made important. You can never go wrong by sharing hand sanitizers at your wedding reception. As with the face mask, you can personalize and customize them with scents, cut labels, and even designs.

Tea Towels

As strange as it may sound, this is another creative wedding favour. If you are fond of cooking, you will know how important a tea towel can be in a kitchen setup. Be it the decorative type or the one most people use to clean the kitchen counter, you can never go wrong with a tea towel as a wedding favour. It will be awesome if this towel is personalized by a calligrapher, inscribing lovely quotes or drawings.

Edibles and Beverages

Edibles are a class of wedding favours that you can never go wrong with. Stray away from small packaged mints, but go big! Be it doughnuts, cocoa mix, or candy apples; you will always have your guests smiling when you give it out. Package them using a nice wrap or box.