Several businesses focus on team building activities throughout the year. When the holiday season is approaching, companies can hold successful corporate team building events to add more to the festive season. These events are not only low-cost but also produce exceptional productivity results.

De-stressing your employees nurtures their individual growth and sharpens their overall performance. Why not appreciate your team’s hard work by offering them a mix of onsite and offsite team building activities?

We can classify team building activities into two groups: indoor and outdoor. Don’t opt for team building activities that trigger embarrassment rather than enthusiasm. The impact of every activity should be positive and constructive. The entire goal of such activities is to bridge the gap between the employees and their prospective managers.

Here is a mix of different indoor and outdoor corporate team building events. Remember to partner with the best event planners for making your event a success.

Igloo Competition

Who doesn’t remember building an igloo as a child? But how many of us still like to build one? This team-building activity is both nostalgic and stimulating. Start by dividing your team into groups of three or five. Each team gets the same set of supplies including marshmallows, colored candy, and toothpicks with a foil-covered piece of cardboard. The winning team takes home a gift coupon to a local restaurant or store.

A Cook-Off

A cooking competition your teams get creative with their culinary and organizational skills. They can try out new or traditional holiday dishes, together or individually. You can hold this activity outdoors or in your cafeteria. A cooking competition is a great way to judge the discipline, concentration, and hand-eye coordination of your employees. You can also divide your team force into smaller teams and select a food category to challenge each other. Your categories can include anything from deserts to smoothies and baked goodies. 

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is of the most popular holiday activities. However, unlike other holiday activities, this one needs some serious preparation. Choosing a professional event management company can help you offer a successful scavenger hunt without any hassle. Some of the top organizations of the world organize scavenger hunt every year to stimulate and energize their employees.

Group Fitness Classes

While most corporate offices provide gym or indoor yoga facilities, there is always room for an outdoor yoga program. Just add an hour extra to your lunch break and let your mentally fatigued teams rejuvenate in a peaceful environment. Regular outdoor yoga sessions can do wonders and let your employees de-clutter their minds. Yoga and mindfulness offer tons of benefits to improve concentration.

Karaoke Night

What could be a better way to give a break to your teams than to let them sing some karaoke? Some corporations host a contest for the best group karaoke performance and gift bonus points to the best singers of the event. Such an activity works great for an extroverted group, so make sure you don’t force all employees to participate.

Final Thoughts

Established and aspiring companies make it a point to offer relaxing activities to their employees. You can get in touch with expert outdoor event planners to organize a successful indoor or outdoor corporate team-building event. Not only these mental and physical exercises keep your employees happy, but they also boost your teams’ overall performance, leading to better revenues.

Whether it’s an outdoor exercise such as go-karting or an indoor activity like a simple board game, your teams are going to feel great after participating as an individual and as a team. Other activities include Go-Karting, Skating, archery, or marathon racing for employees of all ages.