With Covid-19 taking the wedding and event industry by the storm in 2020, a new rage has developed with pop-up weddings! Also known as backyard weddings or micro weddings, brides and grooms from all over Saskatchewan are hosting their small, intimate weddings in new ways to follow COVID restrictions.

Imagine Events was super excited to launch our very own pop-up wedding service event with Tye the Knot Marriage Commissioner Service’s Judy Plumpton called Regina Pop-Up Weddings!

Due to popular demand we are going to be hosting multiple events in 2021! This fall we had 5 fabulous couples have their weddings on the same day, sharing the same vendors and venue. Due to this setup, the couples had their intimate weddings complete with cocktail reception for only $1000! A steal of a deal, given the average cost of nearly $30,000 for most weddings in Canada.

In order to keep things neutral, we chose a great indoor ceremony and reception space with ivory linens, backdrops, and simple candle centerpieces. In addition to this we used some greenery to complete the look!

Couples enjoyed a customized ceremony with our wedding officiant, a small photoshoot with Lindsey of Girl Boss Photography from Moose Jaw, and a cocktail wedding reception with hot appetizers at the stunning Sandman Hotel Inn and Suites in Regina, Saskatchewan. To finish off the day, couples got a customized wedding cutting cake to share with their guests, and a customized gift courtesy of Callia Creations and Artsy Emy.

Our next pop-up wedding event is going to be hosted in March 2021 at the stunning Atlas Hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan! You too can get married at the fraction of the cost, a fraction of the fuss, while still celebrating an amazing day!

~ Imagine Events