If you are looking for a corporate caterer for your next business luncheon, you must choose a catering service or event planners that offer exciting and exquisite food options.

It all comes down to finding the best event planners or catering service that utilizes only skilled and expert chefs who know how to make every event a success. Whether you are booking an event planner for an indoor or outdoor corporate event, it is important to choose the best caterers near you who love what they do. 

Apart from preparing a scrumptious feast for your guests, the best caterers will consider the nature and location of your event, your budget, and your preferences. A versatile team of gourmet chefs cooks up themed menus from scratch so your staff, clients, and guests can enjoy every minute of your event, with every bite. 

However, the difficult part is finding the best event planners or caterers that operate and deliver in your neighborhood. Thanks to technology, everything is just a click away. Yes, your catering service too. 

Tips for Finding the Best Budget-Friendly Event Planner

Some of us hesitate to contact full-service catering companies because we do not have the budget to hire professional companies. However, choosing a mediocre service can turn your event into a nightmare for both the guests and the hosts. 

The secret is to decide the best option, which works within your budget. The best part about hiring a catering service is that you can also get discounted services as customized menus to cut down your expenses. 

If you are like most people, you choose a service after flipping through dozens of reviews online and relying on a company’s reputation. However, when you have to choose a caterer for a big event, choosing a service can be tricky.

Popular Corporate Food Ideas

Here are some food ideas for your corporate event.

Healthy and Light Salads

If you are organizing a short meeting, you can stick to healthy and light snacks such as a salad. Some salads are like complete meals. Hence, they are good at keeping hunger at bay and maintaining focus.

Just make sure you opt for healthier combinations and ingredients such as roasted capsicum, peas, lemon, sprouts, nuts, seeds, and crunchy vegetables.

Individual Lunchboxes

Lunch-boxes are great when you want to wrap up a long meeting quickly. Consider packaged lunch boxes with personalized choices. You can go creative and choose an eco-friendly box with your company logo if you are handing it over to a new client. Choices include fresh, healthy salads, homemade bread, and meringue pies.

Taco Bar

Tacos with ground turkey or slow-cooked chicken and made with house-made taco seasoning are perfect for cheering any dull moments. Some caterers also add sour cream or shredded cheese to add more flavor to it. 

Photo by Chad Montano on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a delectable menu for a corporate lunch, boardroom meeting, or product launch, it is your company’s responsibility to offer meals to all stakeholders. You can also include BBQ dishes, soups, or cocktails to your menu according to the nature of your corporate event.